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George Adamski

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George Adamski (17 April, 1891 – 23 April, 1965) was a fraud who leapt onto the UFO woo-bandwagon and enjoyed a brief moment of fame in the 1940s and -50s. Beginning in 1946, he claimed to have photographed many alien space- and motherships, most of which appear to resemble a cross between an egg poacher and a colander. Their "landing gear" has a suspicious resemblance to light bulbs rather than to any sort of landing gear that we Earthlings make.

However, the 40s and 50s were a much gentler - and gullible - era and space exploration was in its infancy. This meant that instead of being laughed out of town, he became somewhat of a cause célèbre for the blossoming "flying saucer" fad. This prompted him to make even greater claims of having met aliens from these ships and (pre-empting Arthur Dent by several decades) hitching a ride across the solar system with them. The problem was, these tall, blonde-haired aliens, one of whom went by the name Orthon, hailed from the planet Venus which - as anybody who didn't vote for Sarah Palin will know - is a somewhat hot and inhospitable hell-hole - no matter what life form you are.

George Adamski related his first contact in his book Flying Saucers Have Landed (1953). Orthon the Venusian was very concerned about our nuclear bombs and how much trouble a nuclear war would cause. But Orthon and his fellow Space People didn't take that message to the United Nations, the White House and Congress, the Kremlin, and other such appropriate places, and they didn't do a show of force like in the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still. A show of force like knocking out electrical grids.

Fellow UFOlogist Desmond Leslie wrote a foreword for George Adamski's next book, Inside the Space Ships (1955). He stated

The latest book to appear concerning the planet Mars has been written by Dr. Hubertus Strughold (This Green and Red Planet). It proves that if our instruments and their information are correct, intelligent organic life as we know it could not last ten seconds on Mars. But Strughold ends by admitting that perhaps we have over­looked “some crucial factor” and really the only way to be quite sure is for us to travel to the other planets for ourselves and find out firsthand.

Which has been done for the Moon, and done by proxy elsewhere in the Solar System.

The Space People seemed to live in a Star Trek future, though with lots of spirituality. People happy, prosperous, and enjoying exploring and learning. Their beliefs were a mixture of sort-of-Christian and New-Agey beliefs. The Space Brothers liked to wear loose shirts and pants, and the Space Sisters long flowing gowns or else blouses and long flowing skirts, but both sexes wore sandals, and both sexes changed into jumpsuits for various sorts of work, like pilot duty. Their mother ships were rather luxuriously furnished and decorated. They evidently had a Crystal Spires and Togas (TV Tropes) esthetic.

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