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Hellstorm: The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany is a 2015 neo-Nazi "documentary", written and directed by white nationalist Kyle Hunt,[1][2] with an accompanying website,[3][4] that sets out to prove that it was the Germans who truly suffered during WWI and WWII. The film was produced by Renegade Films[5][6][7] with music by "Omniphi".[8][9] Released 01 May 2015, as of 20 June 2015 the film had 250,000 views and 3,300 likes.

Renegade Broadcasting is an internet-only talk radio operation that appears to be solely-owned by Kyle Hunt.[10] It features various conspiracy theories and is strongly antisemitic.[10]

The documentary should not be confused with Hellstorm, the Italian metal band that probably doesn't give two shits about the film.[11]


To give a taste of Hellstorm's ideology, a quote from an interview with the movie's creator:[12]

Q. In a world where the idea of Whites loving our own race is laughed at and mocked, could Hellstorm actually offer us a chance at redemption? In other words, is it possible that Whites could see that we wronged each other in WW2 (not to mention WW1 and the Civil War), and that a wonderful reconciliation would come out of that?

Yes, I hope that this film will help to ensure that travesties like the World Wars and Civil War are never allowed to happen again. While I support nationalism and the celebration of ethnic differences, European people must realize that there is so much that binds us together, and that if we remain at each other’s throats over historic squabbles, our continued destruction is ensured.

We face a common assault, including anti-White indoctrination in schools and mass media, hostile invaders from the Third World, and leadership that puts alien interests ahead of our own. To fight against this we need a common defense that is able to cross the many barriers that keep us separated, such as language, geography, religion, and petty politics.

Once we come to the realization that it was actually the White race that lost World War II, and that we have been losing ever since we can finally heal old wounds, reclaim our identity and destiny, and move toward a brighter future.


Claims of the movie Analysis


Jarring, sp00ky photographs flicker past. In-between, the producers are mentioned.This section is obviously setting the mood for the rest of the film — fear, without clear evidence.


Grainy film and photos of soldiers during WWI play, followed by sad scenes from post-WWI Germany. An announcer states that "The German Army suffered terribly during the First World War. And the German nation also suffered terribly during the war, especially after the war. The crippling sanctions enacted by the victors with the Treaty of Versailles threw the country into serious depression."Few historians would disagree. Victors didn't get away scot-free, either.


It is certainly true that Germans suffered during and after World War Two. However there are problems with the idea that Germans suffered more or were less deserving of that suffering. None of this is to say that German children, or even German soldiers, deserved to die, but if you must rank deaths according to moral value as Hunt does, you must consider:

  1. Fewer Germans died than many other groups, both proportionately and in absolute numbers.
  2. Because Germany started the war and many Germans supported the Nazi Party and voted for Hitler, Germans were more culpable than other victims.
  3. Most crimes against the Germans were done by those Germany had already attacked.
  4. Stalin was just as cruel to his own people (e.g., Holodomor and gulags).
  5. Even excluding Stalin, the Allies did bad things to other people (firebombing Japan,[13] Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the Great Bengal Famine of 1943).

In addition, it is untrue to claim that the possible Allied crimes are undiscussed or uncontroversial: the use of mass bombing against German civilians was critizised even during the war.[14]

A rough summary of casualties for a few countries is given below.[15]

Country Military deaths Civilian deaths[note 1]
Germany 4,440,000 to 5,318,000 1,500,000 to 3,000,000
USSR 8,668,000 to 11,400,000 4,500,000 to 10,000,000
Poland 240,000 5,620,000 to 5,820,000

So who were the real victims?

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