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Surprisingly, RedPanels was not a tankie webcomic about the rise of the proletariat under the crimson banner. Oh well.
Frogs and swastikas
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Hitler wannabes
Their loud fanboys
Rebuilding racism

RedPanels was a racist and particularly antisemitic webcomic, which centered on bravely taking pot shots at absurd "liberal" strawmen stupid SJWs.

It described itself as the "Red Pill in Webcomic Form"[1] and actively promoted the alt-right.[2] It came to some attention when Richard Spencer (a noted non-Nazi) tweeted a cartoon about how concentration camps started because people just wouldn't stop punching (totally-not-)Nazis.[3][4] RedPanels ended on 2017 February 02, citing monetary reasons; the last panel fittingly consisted of a HitlergrußWikipedia's W.svg given in deference to Trump and the Meme Nazis.[5][6]

The whole production is basically one, big neo-Nazi themed easter egg hunt — even Redpanel's CSS stylesheet just happens to be titled "stylesheet88.css".[7] Whatever could that be a reference to?


The owner (who styles himself as "Red"[8]) seems reluctant to identify himself. RedPanels.com is registered with WhoIsGuard, which enables Red to list no personal information on his ICANN forms.[9] We at RationalWiki cannot imagine why a Nazi would prefer anonymity. The developer of RedPanels' Android app is Mike Carter (@devicroft_);[10][11][12] it is improbable that Red and Mike Carter are one and the same.[13]

RedPanels' very first comic, drawn with only the finest Microsoft Paint. At least it's not as incoherently Nazi as its progeny.[14]


Alexa estimates that RedPanels.com receives about 100,000-300,000 monthly sessions.[15] Its Facebook page has over 36,000 likes.[16]


Because only businesses run by white men are successful.[17] (In reality, Silicon Valley is dominated by immigrant entrepreneurs.[18][19])
This is a real thing that really happens in real life.[20]
Look, I made a strawman cry![21]
Better watch out for that creeping sharia![22]


Why call it liberal media when you can call it the Jew media?[23]
Fear the Evil Jew and his blood libel![25]
Richard Spencer isn't a Nazi, because he says "Hail Trump" instead of "Heil Hitler". Milo isn't a Nazi, because he says otherwise, and he definitely[26] isn't lying. Never ever.[27]


You feminists will be so unhappy when we replace you with anime body pillows![29]


It's a joke about her health, guys! Why aren't you laughing?[30]
Yes, Pepe is licking the GOP's ass.
Anime was a mistake.[31]

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