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IslamQA is a website founded by the Saudi Arabian cleric Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid[1] a man who bears a grudge against snowmen.[2] As its title suggests it is based around a list of questions and answers on various subjects, the answers being given from an fundamentalist Islamic point of view.

The site prescribes the death penalty for homosexuality ("one of the greatest of crimes"),[3] apostasy from Islam,[4] practicing witchcraft[5] and insulting Muhammed (if the blasphemer repents they may be forgiven on the Day of Resurrection, but should still be executed).[6]

In addition, IslamQA advises its readers against forming close friendships with non-Muslims,[7] defends female genital mutilation[8] and claims that it is acceptable for a man to a marry a six year old girl so long as he does not consummate the marriage until she is "physically able for it" (when she's nine years old, in the example given).[9]

The site also contains numerous gems of wisdom on the subject of jinn. It warns us that jinn are capable of possessing people,[10] that jinn, on rare occasions, sometimes kidnap people;[11] and that toilets are inhabited by evil spirits, and so one must say "I seek refuge with Allaah from evil and from the male and female devils" before entering the WC.[12]

On a similar note, IslamQA ran an article (since removed) entitled "Ruling on eating mermaids." The article began with a discussion as to whether or not mermaids exist ("that is subject to further discussion", it concluded) and then provided in-depth thoughts, quoting several Islamic scholars, as to whether or not it is permissible to eat them.[13]

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