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Arielle Scarcella (1986–)[1] is an influential trans-exclusionary lesbian vlogger and LGB "activist" turned right-wing grifter. Her YouTube channel has over 185 million views.[2] Her other YouTube projects include GirlfriendsTV[3] and Project Toasty, described as the "…first ever interactive, creative, not-for-profit organization."[4]

Video content[edit]

Scarcella is a prolific producer of humorous educational videos dealing with facets of lesbian life, love, and sexuality, as well as related LGBT topics. Her channel includes the video series "Lesbians Explain",[5] and "Lesbian Comedy Videos",[6] the latter of which involves numerous videos of the "Things X's say" variety. Aside from covering a large variety of topics, a few of which include an explanation of the bisexual spectrum[7] and the perks of lesbian sex,[8] Scarcella has also collaborated with a gynaecologist to deliver important information about safe sex for queer women[9][10] and reached out to LGBT elders to disseminate to her audience the things that they would like younger people to hear.[11] She defended Nash Grier after he apologized for his homophobia, citing that she had also said stupid things when she was younger.[12] Her video collaboration with gay YouTuber Riyadh K in which each showed the other their genitals made the headlines,[13] and she also teamed up with activist Matthew Vines to make the case that the Bible includes verses that affirm same-sex relationships.[14] In 2016, Bustle included her as one of their top eight recommended LGBTQ channels.[15]

She took part in a viral coming-out video by the Zakar twins,[16] and is featured in a new documentary, "Ahead of the Curve".[17]


See the main article on this topic: Transphobia

In August 2017, Scarcella teamed up with Jaclyn Glenn to produce a response[18] to a video by Fiona (neonfiona) who — just like her girlfriend, transgender feminist Riley Dennis — called on her audience to reflect on how societal and cultural influences may have a role in trans-exclusionary dating preferences. Unfortunately, Scarcella and Glenn misrepresented Fiona's argument as a call for conversion therapy. To make matters worse, Scarcella tweeted her video with a caption calling Fiona (a bisexual with a trans girlfriend) a "Homophobic SJW",[19] and then proceeded to tag numerous influential antifeminist and transphobic personalities.[20] Unsurprisingly, as a result of all this, Fiona received an enormous amount of backlash and abuse on her much smaller channel, to the extent that she made it private and deleted much of her content.[21] Scarcella also dismissed Fiona's commentary on the basis that she could "never understand" the lesbian perspective, while forgetting that she (Scarcella) is a cis woman talking over trans people.[22]

Scarcella doubled down on her position, posting numerous videos with provocative and arguably clickbaity titles such as "Why I'm Transphobic"[23] and "I Won't Apologize For Being Transphobic".[24] Be that as it may, she maintains that she is not transphobic, and has collaborated with trans lesbians such as Maia Monet,[25][26] as well as bisexual trans woman Miss London.[27][28] Of course, this could be an example of tokenism, as she has been widely condemned by both the lesbian community[29] and the trans community.[30]

In a video entitled "Dear Trans Women, Stop Pushing 'Girl Dick' On Lesbians", Scarcella opined that lesbians are being "told to get over their genital preferences and their hangups,"[31] claiming that a article about "girldick" specifically targets lesbians (when the said article doesn't even mention lesbians and could just as easily be addressing straight men).[32] She then presented a series of egregious tweets and Tumblr posts that, while clearly denigrating lesbians, could possibly be nutpicked, as she did not present any data showing whether such posts are more frequent than those attacking other gender/sexuality demographics. The video was retweeted by the website AfterEllen, who received backlash for this along with other anti-trans content they had posted.[33]

Scarcella also collaborated with antifeminist conservative transgender commentator Blaire White to talk about this topic,[34] in which both of them, once again, misrepresented the arguments of trans feminists, and categorically ruled out the possibility that societal and cultural factors could influence sexual preferences.[35]

Scarcella was rejected from an LGBT panel in 2020 after other lesbians objected to her inclusion due to her transphobia.[36]

In 2021, Scarcella was interviewed by Dave Rubin and made the transphobic claim, "I don't think someone is a lesbian if they want to suck a dick."[37]


Arielle Scarcella posted an incredibly biphobic video “What Lesbians Think About Bisexuals” in which biphobic lesbians described bisexual women as “greedy”, “slutty” and “confused”, and said it would be “unfortunate” if they met an attractive girl who happened to be bisexual. These biphobic lesbians also described dating a bisexual as being on “ice that would melt”, and that lesbians don’t date bisexuals because they’re “smarter” than bisexual women. Only one woman conceded that lesbians could be too hard on bisexual women.[38]

"Leaving" the "left"[edit]

To the surprise of no-one, Scarcella ‘came out’ as conservative in February 2020.[39] While she claims to be open to debates with progressives, she backed out of a debate with leftist Youtuber and streamer Vaush, citing a certain gendered insult that he used against her in a previous video, even though Scarcella herself had used the word in question against her critics in the past.[40] Unsurprisingly, she has a Let's Go Brandon hat[41]

Scarcella's justification for leaving the left has been criticized as superficial and borne out of hatred of transgender and non-binary people.[42]

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