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One must slaughter those who support gay rights.
— Korwin-Mikke, showing his totally normal views to the world[1]

Janusz Ryszard Korwin-Mikke (1942–) is a Polish far-right paleolibertarian wingnut politician known for incredibly controversial (and sometimes downright terrifying) comments on various groups, including disabled people, rape victims, homosexuals and Muslims. He was leader of several political parties, including Congress of the New RightWikipedia and Real Politics Union.Wikipedia He even used to run a political party named after himself. In 2023 he was voted out of the Polish Sejm (the lower house of the legislature).

He is a self proclaimed monarchist.

As of 2017, European Parliament had found his uncharitable views revolting enough to fine him twice, and sanctioned three times.[2]


On the LGBTQ community[edit]

See the main article on this topic: LGBTQ

Korwin-Mikke once said during an interview that he expressed support for "removing homosexual propaganda" from classrooms. He also wishes to prevent the organization of Equality Marches. In 2019, he managed to say that "homosexuals are worse than [climate change]".[3] And he somehow managed to say it with a straight face.[note 1] He called Anna Grodszka,Wikipedia a transgender member of the Sejm and highest ranking trans person in government in the world "A freak".[citation needed]

On women[edit]

Korwin-Mikke claims that women are "on average, less intelligent than men." In order to prove this, he used results from chess games, of all things. He has also stated that the voting age for women should be increased to 55, stating that "I am against voting rights for women. This is biology. A woman at the age of 55, when estrogen stops working, reaches the age when she can finally vote." After a Polish court overturned a rape conviction, Korwin-Mikke spoke out in support for the ruling, saying that if a woman does not scream during rape, she "wants it". [4] A lot of his arguments consist on women being "less intelligent" than men. One must wonder how this guy got married three times (but not how he got divorced twice).

Father's Vademecum[edit]

Korwin-Mikke wrote a book, Vademecum Ojca ("Father's vade mecum"), that was supposed to serve as a "guidebook for men", in which he stated:

  • That you should beat your wife if you cannot resolve conflict with her
  • That a woman expects you to rape her
  • That misbehaving children is the fault of the mother 95% of the time[5]

And you can probably infer what else the book says.

On Muslims and Jews[edit]

Korwin-Mikke is both an Islamophobe and an Antisemite.

He has said that, if necessary, the EU should "militarily oppose" Muslims. He has also said that they should be banned from building mosques.[6] He has said that Jewish people have become "more powerful" because of pogroms and natural selection, and he once claimed that rabbis engineered COVID-19.[6] Unsurprisingly, he denies being an anti-Semite.

On the disabled[edit]

Korwin-Mikke says that the disabled should "not be shown on television" during the 2012 Summer Paralympics. However, he runs a program that helps disabled people learn chess.


Korwin-Mikke was fined by Martin Schulz in 2014 for 'expressing himself in a racist manner'. In a speech at the European Parliament, Korwin-Mikke said that "four million n****rs lost their jobs" while talking about a policy promoted by JFK. He then proceeded to say, "Now we have 20 million Europeans who are now the negroes of Europe".[7] He defended himself by stating implausibly that he was referencing a Yoko Ono and John Lennon song ("Woman is the Nigger of the world").

Suspensions and fines from the EU Parliament[edit]

It's not surprising that a man such as Korwin-Mikke would have multiple suspensions and fines by the European Parliament. In fact, here is a list of them.

  • He was fined in 2014 for making racist comments.
  • He was suspended from the European Parliament in 2015 for doing a Nazi salute during a speech.[8]
  • He was suspended for 10 days in 2017 for saying that women are weaker and less intelligent than men.[9]

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  1. No pun intended.