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Laurence Allen Elder (1952–) is a right wing radio host and former attorney from California . A self-described Republican[1] and “small-l libertarian,”[2] Elder has become famous in some circles for agreeing with Republicans while–gasp–being black. (You know, for people who supposedly aren't racist, they do seem oddly surprised whenever a minority agrees with them.)


Elder is a near-total supporter of Donald Trump, saying "He is almost God-sent," in 2019.[3] He and Trump are in such agreement that some have called Elder "Black Trump",[4] although it would be unfair to paint him as anything more than a blind follower, given that Elder has shown willingness to disagree with Trump in the past, criticizing both his support for protectionism and his cutting of troop levels in Afghanistan.[5]

In his book The Ten Things You Can't Say in America (2000),[6][7] Elder outlines what he calls his "ten-point Elder plan" to save America, which includes abolishing the Internal Revenue Service and replacing our taxes with a national sales tax, reducing government spending by eighty percent, ending welfare, ending the minimum wage, legalizing drugs, abolishing government involvement with education, repealing the Davis-Bacon Act,Wikipedia ending corporate taxes, giving more to charity, and ending all protectionism.[7]:233-236 From this, we can gather that Elder is little more than your average libertarian, albeit one more on the extreme end of things.


Elder is a long standing critic of the notion of systemic racism, calling it "a lie."[8] The Ten Things You Can't Say in America contains multiple chapters criticizing the idea of white racism against black people being a major issue in the United States. Naturally, this book is full of strawmen and misrepresentations of black people. For example, Elder takes an admittedly off color comment from Spike Lee about interracial couples and says:

Perhaps someone should remind Lee of the 1970[sic] Supreme Court decision that struck down laws against interracial marriage. Does Lee wish to reenact them? Does he agree with Chief Justice Taney, of Dred Scott fame, who deemed blacks to be sub-citizens without full rights, including the right to marry whomever they wish?[7]:6

Obviously not, Lee just said something kind of shitty. Elder mentions this comment again in his book Stupid Black Men: How to Play the Race Card and Lose,[9] this time comparing, again, a rather insensitive comment from Lee to Trent Lott saying, "If the rest of the country" had voted for segregationist Strom Thurmond "we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years."[9]:9

The book is also filled with various lies by omission. For example, Elder criticizes Charles Rangel for saying, "It's not 'spic' or 'nigger' any more. They say 'let's cut taxes.'"[7]:14 But how is that any different then Republican strategist Lee Atwater's notorious "Nigger, nigger, nigger," quote regarding the Southern Strategy?[10] Well, besides the fact that Elder mentions the Rangel quote and not the quote from Atwater.

The only time racism against black people is mentioned is either as an excuse to dismiss it or to make comparisons between it and organizations that Elder dislikes. Regarding the controversy over the Bob Jones University policy against interracial dating, Elder wrote, "But is Bob Jones's anti-interracial dating policy any less offensive than a position taken by the National Association of Black Social Workers? The organization opposed "trans-racial" adoption."[7]:6 The fact that no major presidential candidate has ever launched their campaign at one of its meetings[11] seems to not be important to Elder, even though that's why the entire controversy around Bob Jones University started.

Does He Believe Anything?[edit]

Sam Seder once discussed a personal conversation he had with Elder, where Elder said in regards to politics, "Come on, let's leave that stuff on the field."[12] The comparison of politics to nothing more than sports is rather strange, especially coming from somebody whose career is discussing politics and creating real political change. Does Elder honestly think if his side or the other win is of as little importance as if his favorite team wins at sports? If so, again, then why is he talking about politics so frequently and so seriously in the first place?

Elder For California?[edit]

In 2021, Elder, after getting some encouragement from his good friend Dennis Prager,[13] decided to try his hand at running for California Governor. Before the election, Elder claimed that there would be "shenanigans" in the voting process, which might cause his loss,[14] even going so far as to create an entire website dedicated to voter fraud in an election that hadn't occurred yet.[15]

This turned out to be all bark and no bite since Elder conceded as soon as it became obvious that his opponent, Gavin Newsom, was going to remain governor.[16]

Elder 2024?[edit]

On April 20, 2023 (yes, 4/20) Elder announced that he was running for President of the United States as a Republican.[17] He dropped out in October of that same year.[18]

Larry's Girls[edit]

According to Elder's former fiancée Alexandra Datig, he demanded that she tattoo "Larry's Girls" on herself in order to show how devoted she was to him.[19]


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