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Klaus Armstroff (1957–) is a German neo-Nazi and leader of the far-right German political party The III. Path.Wikipedia Klaus was formerly part of the National Socialist wing of the National Democratic Party of GermanyWikipedia (NPD), before starting The III. Path party. Outside politics, Klaus has children with his wife Dörthe Armstroff (1958–) who was also a member of the NPD, and works as an electrician in Weidenthal.

In politics[edit]

National Democratic Party of Germany[edit]

Ideologically Klaus considers himself a "national revolutionary". He represented the NPD in the district council of Bad DürkheimWikipedia from 2009 to 2013. Klaus was also part of the Rhineland-PalatinateWikipedia NPD state executive board, leaving the post in 2013. When he stood as a candidate in South Palatinate in the 2013 general election he received 1.3 percent of the vote.[1]

Klaus was part of the more extreme faction of the NPD, however he left the party after disagreements with the party including with Markus Walter and Ricarda Riefling.

Third Path[edit]

Third Path demonstration in Berlin, 2020

The III. Path (German: Der III. Weg, or Der Dritte Weg) is a minor far-right and neo-Nazi political party in Germany, it was founded on September 28, 2013 in Heidelberg.Wikipedia The founding members were mainly former NPD officials. Klaus was elected national chairman and has led the group since.[2]

The group was then expanded when activists from the banned Free Network South and parts of the free camaraderie then joined. They have ties with other far-right groups, including Hezbollah, National Corps,Wikipedia Right Sector,Wikipedia Svoboda,Wikipedia and the Nordic Resistance Movement. The party mostly operates in Thuringia, Bavaria and Brandenburg.

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