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The Nordic Resistance Movement (Icelandic: Norræna mótstöðuhreyfingin; Danish: Den Nordiske Modstandsbevægelse; Norwegian: Den nordiske motstandsbevegelsen; Swedish: Nordiska motståndsrörelsen; Finnish: Pohjoismainen vastarintaliike; abbreviated NRM) is a neo-Nazi organization active in Scandinavia. Several of their members have committed violent crimes[1][2] and made death threats to left-leaning politicians.[3]

The organization aims to create a Fascist state across the Nordic countries, then expand into the Baltic countries. Created about 1997 by a Swede, Klaus Lund, as the Svenska Motståndsrörelsen,[4] it later gained sections in Finland and Norway as well, becoming the Nordic Resistance Movement in 2016. There was a Danish group for short time, and there was an attempt to expand into Iceland with recruitment from the Icelandic National Front.Wikipedia's W.svg

Norway’s PST (Police Security Service) characterizes the organization as consisting largely of many fine people on both sides high-school dropouts and drug addicts with histories of violent crime, and says their members fit similar profiles to those radicalized into Islamist terror groups.[5]

In August 2019, some NRM members formed a breakaway group, Nordisk Styrka, so they could be even more violent.

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