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A lunatic Chaplin imitator
and his greatest fans

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First as tragedy
Then as farce
Metapedia appears to be run by Mossad and it's as if they blackmailed the people behind it.
—Rightpedia admin A Wyatt Man, did he forget his medication?[1]

Rightpedia (en.rightpedia.info) is an online encyclopedia created by a bunch of banned Metapedia sysops, considered too bonkers for even white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

In other words, Rightpedia is where the most crazy, drunk, weird, sick, insane, deranged and oddball people who had been rejected by the wider white nationalist community congregate online, and where you can find bizarre tinfoil hat conspiracy theories (e.g. the clearly catastrophic proposition that 500 million Jews are roaming the Earth!).

Most find it hard impossible to distinguish whether Rightpedia editors are genuine racist bigots or a parody. Even Stormfront is confused.


Rightpedia was created in December 2014 by three ex-Metapedia sysops (Hu1, Galileo and A Wyatt Man) who were banned for "inserting crackpottery" and "blatantly unrealistic claims" (such as a conspiracy that 500 million Jews exist[2] and Moon landing hoax theories[3]) after some complaints were made on the Nordisk web community portal where Metapedia owner, Anders Lagerström posts (as Daniel F). Metapedia itself is a crackpot white supremacist encyclopedia (it supports racialist pseudoscience, "Judeo-Bolshevik" New World Order conspiracy theories, and Holocaust denial), but the Moon landing hoax and "500 million Jews" conspiracy theories are apparently a bit too crazy for them, and this led to Lagerström booting three administrators.[4]

Rightpedia was initially hosted by Orain, which refused to take it down due to their Terms of Service which supports freedom of speech.[5]

However, many postings on Rightpedia were libelous, especially those made by Mikemikev (who has a history of slandering and harassing people online) and violated Orain's Terms of Service. The latter resulted in at least two "local steward actions" by Orain staff over libel complaints, and Mikemikev receiving a "final warning".[6]

Orain closed down in September 2015 due to being hacked,[7][8] and Rightpedia moved to MW Zip before being deleted from there as well.[9] After that, they purchased hosting from GoDaddy.[10]


If you agree to meet and give me a handjob I'll stop abusing you.
— Rightpedia's idea of family values...[11]

Rightpedia on its main-page describes itself as "focusing on God, family, nation and social care, to influence the mainstream debate, culture and historical view". It seems to have a warped view on all these things to say the least. Unsurprisingly, it only has a handful of editors: Hu1 (as Fiala1), A Wyatt Man and Galileo (as Mussert). Joining them was Mikemikev, another ex-Metapedia admin, but who was banned for being a "drunken trouble causer".[12] Mikemikev was also banned on Anthroscape for posting obscene sexual comments and harassing a woman, the same month he was made a sysop at Rightpedia (which strangely insists it is a "pro-family" oriented site). Another loon that signed up at Rightpedia was Rae West (who posts across the internet as Rerevisionist). He runs the website Big-Lies.org (which you've probably already figured out is full of lies: it denies global warming, and supports Holocaust denial, HIV denial, etc). West was banned on the German-language Metapedia as far back in 2012 for claiming nuclear weapons are a hoax.

On 99% of Rightpedia's articles, the following tag can be found: "this article consists of modified text from Metapedia, and the article is therefore licensed under GFDL" meaning Rightpedia sysops had just lazily copied nearly all articles from Metapedia, but of course just adding their even more mad conspiracy theories about Jewish people.

Support of Children.orain[edit]

Rightpedia admin Hu1 (posting as Fiala1) had defended Children.orain, a site registered with Orain by a pedophile. Hu1 described the site as a "small harmless children's Wiki".[13] In fact the creator was banned by Orain staff, describing him as a "pedophile scumbag" and Children.orain has been closely monitored.[14]

Also curious is that Rightpedia's article on pedophilia is only focused on opposition to Jewish pedophiles (there is not any mention of non-Jewish pedophiles on the page).[15]


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