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A lunatic Chaplin imitator
and his greatest fans

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First as tragedy
Then as farce
Metapedia appears to be run by Mossad and it's as if they blackmailed the people behind it.
—Rightpedia admin A Wyatt Man, did he forget his medication?[1]

Rightpedia ( is an online neo-Nazi wiki created by a group of ex-Metapedia sysops, who were considered too extreme and crazy for Metapedia. Because Rightpedia is so open about its racism and Holocaust denial (unlike Metapedia that attempts to thinly-veil these), as well as the fact it adopts the Alt-right's internet trolling culture, its unclear if Rightpedia is sincere, or a parody. Even Stormfront users are apparently confused.[2]


Rightpedia was created in 2014 by three ex-Metapedia sysops ("Hu1", "Mikemikev" and "A Wyatt Man") who were banned for posting too crude racism and "blatantly unrealistic claims" (such as a conspiracy that 500 million Jews exist[3] and Moon landing hoax theories[4]) after some complaints were made on the Nordisk web community portal (now offline) where Metapedia owner, Anders Lagerström posted (as Daniel F). Metapedia itself is a white nationalist wiki that promotes far right conspiracy theories, but the Moon landing hoax was apparently a bit too crazy for them, and this led to Lagerström booting three administrators.[5]

Hosting issues[edit]

Rightpedia was initially hosted by Orain, which refused to take it down due to their Terms of Service which supports freedom of speech.[6] However, Orain was closed down in September 2015 due to being hacked,[7][8] and Rightpedia moved to MW Zip before being deleted from there as well.[9] After that, they purchased hosting from GoDaddy.[10]


Rightpedia admin "Mikemikev" has said Rightpedia's aim is to create "hit pieces" on its political opponents (such as liberals) and Jews.

When hosted by Orain several of these libellous articles were removed for violating Orain's Terms of Service.[11]


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