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The dreams of man
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Laestadianism is a conservative Lutheran movement that is hot in Scandinavia. It has existed about 150 years, and is also found in Russia, Africa, South America, Central Europe and North America.

In Norway, Laestadians don't use curtains, because righteous, god-fearing folks shouldn't have anything to hide from their neighbours. Thus, they can often be observed watching their old black and white TVs in their living rooms. If the lights are out, they're either not home, they're sleeping, or they're secretly watching their 50" plasma screen in their conveniently windowless basement. Ah yes, and they're strongly anti-consumerist, except when it comes to the newest SUVs, which are very practical in the winter and absolutely not to be classified as luxury goods.


The Laestadians have always been fond of their preachers, and this has led to several schisms over the years. For some reason the Laestadians started discussing the age of the Earth amongst themselves in the 1990s. This promptly caused another branching and subsequent passing of judgment: generally, the young Earth Laestadians are convinced that the old Earth Laestadians are going to Hell, and vice versa.