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Lee "the liberal Trump" Hae-chan (이해찬, born July 10, 1952) is a politician in South Korea and the former leader of the ruling Minjoo Party (2018-2020). A liberal by South Korean standards, he is controversial because his words and actions are reminiscent of those of Donald Trump.

Collection of his Trumpish remarks[edit]

I've rarely heard of the economy going well in public life.
(Right-wing) Lawmakers are as pathetic as the physically handicapped. There are so many mentally disabled in the political circle.[1]
The Minjoo Party of Korea's Committee for the Disabled.[note 1] reproach conservative politicians. 2018
I didn't know either, but I heard that the congenital disabled have a relatively weaker will than the acquired disabled![2]
If it is not our party, I don't think we have the capacity to take power and take the center of the reform.
(with sexuality) Korean men like Vietnamese women better than other women![3]
The Philippines has become one of the poorest and most disturbed countries in Asia. This is why politics is very important!
(When Na Kyung-won, a conservative politician, accused President Moon of being "Kim Jong-un's chief spokesman.")
That "criminal of insult to the head of state". Apologize now!

[4][note 2]

His remarks seem like those of a far-right politician, but he is considered liberal in South Korea!

The Justice Party[note 3] unofficially lashed out at Lee Hae-chan's remarks, saying, "Lee Hae-chan's derogatory hate speech about minorities is very habitual!" In fact, if it were Europe, such hate speech would not only lead to the resignation of the party leader but also criminal punishment. As such, S. Korea is a socially conservative and authoritarian country. Its neighbor, Japan, is not very progressive on this issue either.

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  1. demeaned the disabled at events related to the disabled.
  2. For your information, 'criminal of insult to the head of state' was abolished after democratization (1988). Moreover, Mr. Moon is a former democracy activist and liberal politician.
  3. It is an active party compared to other parties in the minority rights and social justice issue among the floor parties of the Republic of Korea.