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Justice Party (South Korea)

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Not to be confused with the Justice Party that was founded by former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson.

The Justice Party (정의당) is the South Korean centre-left, social democratic party.

This party is the only party in the Republic of Korea that is forward-looking in terms of the rights of the disabled, especially the mentally. However, the party is not complete, with some party members disparaging autism.

The party is currently the 4th largest opposition party.

'Official' political position[edit]

This party is the South Korean only pro-LGBT party among political parties, and it is the only socialist-leaning party of South Korea.

Main support is from trade union activists, the lower working class, multicultural families, and the sexual minorities.

It supports the appeasement policy toward North Korea (= Sunshine Policy) but it opposes the North Korea political system.

This party is also the least post-nationalist party among the liberal or leftist parties in South Korea.(In South Korea, 'Korean nationalism' is usually prominent on the left-wing.)

It supports abortion rights, same-sex marriage, sustainable development and multiculturalism. But it opposes cannabis, prostitution and some social issues.[note 1] and only party in the Republic that supports the acceptance of Islamic refugees.

The party has a friendly relationship with the Japanese Social Democratic PartyWikipedia[1] and Taiwanese New Power PartyWikipedia[2].


It is officially a social democratic party, and it is the most cultural liberal of all the major political parties in South Korea. However, this is the standard in South Korean politics, which is extremely socially conservative compared to Western countries such as the United States.

It should NEVER be considered a left-wing party like the U.S. Justice Party, Justice DemocratsWikipedia and Democratic Socialists of America. (S.Korean Justice party is on a fairly compromised 'center-left' line.) [3]

  • It turned out that some executives at Justice Party provided leftover food waste from "general schools" meals as "disabled schools" meals to siphon off government subsidies and reap private benefits.[4]
    • Kim Yoon-ki(김윤기), who was involved in the incident, was also the interim leader of the Justice Party in 2021. (The person who abused the disabled became the leader of the Justice Party.) In addition, he participated in the 2022 Justice Party presidential race.[5][6]
  • Park Ga-bun(박가분), a major member of the right-wing of the Justice Party, wrote a letter called "Hyehwa Station Assembly, which has fallen into autism beyond isolation" to criticize radical feminism.[7] This is a clear hate speech for autistic people, but South Korean media did not take issue with his remarks.
  • Contrary to the Justice Party's official position, there was a candidate named Jang Dae-beom(장대범) who offered "homosexual therapy" in the 2018 Gwangyang City Council elections in South Korea. "I learned the seriousness of homosexuality after taking a lecture in the church," he said. He was expelled from the Justice Party over the incident, but it is highly likely that he would not have been deported if the South Korea's LGBT rights groups had not protested.[8]
  • Jang Hye-young(장혜영), a disabled human rights activist of the Justice Party, known to the South Korean people as 'radical', supported "Light It Up Blue" in 2019. (For your information, she belongs to the party's left-wing.)
  • In 2021, Ryu Ho-jung(류호정) of the Justice Party, a member of the South Korean National Assembly, was embroiled in controversy over his unfair dismissal of his secretary. The Justice Party is the only party in South Korea that claims to be a "labor politics."[9]
  • In 2021, it was revealed that Justice Party leader Kim Jong-chul(김종철) sexually harassed lawmaker Jang Hye-young(장혜영), and eventually Kim Jong-chul was expelled from the party.

Of course, these SHIT are more common in the ruling Minjoo Party and the main opposition People Power Party. However, the Justice Party deserves even more criticism as it is a party that advocates "social justice".


  1. The latter case is due to South Korea's conservative sentiment.