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Marc Thiessen (1967–) was George W Bush's chief speechwriter (you can still see the bald spots from the torn-out hair), before which he was an aide to Donald Rumsfeld and Jesse Helms. He is a staunch defender of enhanced interrogation techniques, and has written a book subtitled How the CIA Kept America Safe, and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack. So, that's "safe" as in letting your greatest known enemy fly planes into your skyscrapers, then. He also currently writes for the National Review Online, often known as the "World's Shittiest Website." In February 2010 he was given a recurring column in the Washington Post.[1]

He popped up again in February 2012, aghast that people have compared the Bush administration's actions to those of the Spanish Inquisition, just because both happened to use waterboarding. While it is true that the Bush administration was not intentionally copying the Spanish Inquisition (it being too busy copying the Roman Emperor Caligula with its creation of an alternate reality), both groups did in fact use simulated drowning as a method of torture. [2]

In addition, his position on the NSA leaks of 2013 is standard for a Republican and he feels that the spying was warranted, and that those responsible for the leaks should be punished. [3] And he was extended even more wingnut welfare with a position on Fox News in 2014[1]


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