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Noah (film)

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Noah is a Hollywood film directed by Darren Aronofsky, the man who directed films such as The Wrestler and Black Swan. Noah was released in March 28, 2014 to good reviews, and the film grossed US$359 million worldwide.

Misrepresentations of Genesis[edit]

Fundamentalist Christians and creationists have criticized the film for misrepresenting the global flood story in Genesis.[1][2][3][4][5] It has also been banned in some Islamic countries for its depiction of Noah, whom Muslims see as a prophet.[note 1][6]

In fact, the reworking of popular historical myths has been a Hollywood staple for many years. For example reworked versions of The Iliad and The Odyssey have provided source material for a large number of movies. Heck, The Ten Commandments was a pretty edgy take on Exodus. With Noah, the film industry is simply continuing the same tradition,[7] although the almost all-white cast is pretty cringe-worthy.

The Watchers[edit]

The most notable target for critics are "the Watchers", giant rock creatures who help Noah build the Ark. They've been criticized both because they're extra-biblical and because they're basically just stolen from The Dark Crystal.

Major concerns of Christians[edit]

Emma Watson has been the center of controversy, with many Christians (okay, like three at most1[note 2] exclaiming that the film implies that witches existed in the time of Noah. This is preposterous of course, because everyone knows that Hogwarts was not established until long after the Great Flood. Some People argue that Noah's wife was actually Hermione, and cite the fact that she has an hourglass that turns back time. They also believe that Hermione set in motion all of the human race, and this belief is considered Hermionism.Do You Believe That?

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  1. Which falls under the same 'no-idols' rule as observed by most Muslims especially with the prophet Muhammad.
  2. And one of them lives in a cabin out in Alabama.