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During slavery pinks were known as WHITE TRASH. They were European serfs and shoe leather to Black Negroes.[1]
—Egmond Codfried

Egmond Codfried is a self-described researcher and playwright[2] best known as a black supremacist internet troll. He's a SurinameseWikipedia Dutch[3] (the former being a colony of the latter until 1975). One could almost mistake him for a Poe, but several lectures he's given seem to indicate he's for real and merely insane.[3]

Dutch Wikipedia even lists him as a loon,[4] which puts him in the category with people that "obsessively advocate their own pseudoscientific theories which are evidently absurd and delusional, and so bizarrely detached from reality that they almost become a work of art". If Wikipedia says that about someone, it almost has to be true.

Online presence and trolling[edit]

Codfried has a long history of trolling history-based discussion forums and posting absurd claims that virtually all notable European historical personages from classical antiquity to the 19th century were black people (any artwork of them having pale skin, blonde hair etc., he rejects as "modern forgeries"). For example, one of his most eccentric claims is that Jane Austen was a black or "Negro" woman.[5] Among his other outlandish claims are that Ludwig van Beethoven, Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, and Thomas Jefferson were also all black.[6] He also claims white people from Europe are albino mutants and were once all serfs who were slaves to "Negro" kings and queens.

Egmond calls this theory "Blue Blood is Black Blood".

Furthermore according to Egmond, any appearance of white shoes or clothes in old literature or paintings is evidence that the black nobles were using whites for their skins. He claims that white supremacism is a response to the fact that black nobles used to kill the albinoid whites and turn them into shoe leather.[7]


He is known as the 'Dutch Mega Troll'[8] across the web and has been banned on over fifty webforums. Forums like have banned his entire ISP. A small list of his bannings can be found here: [2][3][4][5][6][7][8]


See the main article on this topic: Egyptsearch

The only forum Codfried doesn't appear to be banned from is Egyptsearch. However this forum is overtly black supremacist and has virtually no moderation.

Meatspace shenanigans[edit]

In 2006 he sent several e-mails to the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva and several of Dutch members of parliament (including then-MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali) claiming that the Dutch government tortures black and Muslim citizens in a police station in The Hague. Furthermore, apparently the Dutch mental health service trains torturers, and that complaints he filled at the medical disciplinary board were declared inadmissible and thrown out. When this crazy ranting didn't get a reply in 5 days, he forwarded the mails to members of the opposition, accusing the government of "Nazi practices".[9]

He also held a lecture at the Nationale Surinam Archives in 2011.[3]

Theories behind his internet behavior[edit]

One theory is that Egmond is just a parody of a black supremacist.[10] Another is that his hatred for white people is genuine and stems from some sort of frustrating sexual experiences he has had with white men. Egmond is homosexual or bisexual, and spends his time on the Egyptsearch forum talking about how he enjoys watching gay interracial porn videos of "pink men ravaged by black studs":

We see a man named Monroe being served by eight big, well hung, long dicked black negroes. They have instructions not to touch each other, while I recognize one from a movie where a pink man fucked his beautiful black ass. So they **** him, and for finale he is double fucked, by two long, big dicks, and drenced in black sperm.

Oh, my.

The Blacks look like rough trade, and are supposed to be heterosexuals, as they do not suck cock. But strangely eat his ass, but I guess an ass is not a sexual organ.

Its a fantasy and quite harmless, yet its ethnographical and has to be understood in context.

The superior pink man is ravaged by inferior Black studs.[11]

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