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All I do is take a position that is counter to what the establishment is thinking, and I know the truth of my position because it's based on what the average person really believes
—Eugene Delgaudio[1]

Public Advocate of the U.S., or just Public Advocate, is an American slush fund organization run by Eugene Delgaudio,[2] part-time representative on the Board of Supervisors of Loudon County, Virginia, and full-time homophobe.

As far as anti-gay wingnut sites go, it's not the most batshit insane, but its frequent usage of the phrase "radical homosexual lobby", the most obviously loaded surveys that ever existed,[3] paranoid tales of homofascists stalking his family,[4] and incessant e-begging/fundraising gimmicks[5] all earn him a pretty high ranking on the relative craziness scoreboard.


How nauseatingly wonderfully stupid patriotic.

About once a week (or more frequently, in some instances) ol' Eugene sends out an e-mail to all who signed up for his newsletter, probably unwittingly. In these he likes to do two things: rant about how the perverse radical homosexual lobby is destroying America, and ask for your generous donations -- about twenty times. Often these are accompanied by delusions of paranoia and grandeur, simultaneously ("...before every radical homosexual activist holds a copy of Public Advocate’s financial records in his conniving hands").

Various claims[edit]

  • There's a very powerful radical homosexual lobby in America that has literally unlimited funds that is working to destroy The Family© by legalizing same-sex marriage (gasp!), and sodomy (double gasp!) and bestiality in the US military.[6]
  • The Gasparilla Pirate Festival in Tampa is infiltrated by “radical homosexuals” seeking to exploit unsuspecting college students; complete with fully fictional and imaginary anecdotes.[7] (This one went viral in 2010.)
  • On the TSA's full-body security scans: “It's the federal employee's version of the Gay Bill of Special Rights ... That means the next TSA official that gives you an ‘enhanced pat down’ could be a practicing homosexual secretly getting pleasure from your submission.”
  • "As homosexuals die off due to AIDS, the remaining AIDS carriers prey on children to replenish the Homosexual Community.”[8]
  • “I absolutely must find $73,575 before the end of next month to pay for printing, telephones, research, and postage.” (Repeated, with minor modifications, ad nauseam, every month, every year).

In the blogosphere[edit]

PZ Myers, of Pharyngula, has blogged about them twice: once about their "survey,"[9] which is so biased it's not even funny hilarious, and another time about one of their newsletters.[10]

Ed Brayton has also highlighted Delgaudio's constant appeals for money, and where it goes,[11] as well as the Jack Chick-esque content of his newsletters.

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