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Ruscism (also rashism, Russian and Ukrainian: Рашизм), a portmanteau of "Russia/Russian" (Russian: Россия (Rossiya), pronounced "ra-SEE-ya") and "fascism," is a neologism now commonly used[1][2][3] to describe the guiding state ideology of the Russian Federation under President Vladimir Putin.[4][5] It first appeared in 1995 during the Russian war in Chechnya as "Russianism",[6][7] but later morphed into "Rashism" as Russia invaded its neighboring states of Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014,[8] spreading further in response to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in in 2022.[9] In English, the spelling "Ruscism" more intuitively captures the meaning.[9]

Ethnonationalist extremism has a long history in the Russophone world, but the term "ruscism" or "rashism" underscores the de facto fascist nature of the Putin regime, especially by March 2022, despite its anti-fascist façade; it is, essentially, a quasi-fascist ideological justification for Putinism.[10] The main tenets include Soviet-style charismatic authoritarianism, great power nostalgia, irredentism, Orthodox Christianity as a state religion, and a semi-mythical veneration of the Russian race, Russian history, and the Russian state.[11]

The pejorative "vatnik" (ватниками; "quilted jacket") is sometimes used for those who hold views characteristic of Rashism and Putinism.[12] A vatnik is a Russian wool coat, part of the Red Army's winter uniform.

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