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The Daily Stormer's former logo. You can see a 3D swastika if you stare at it long enough.

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Andrew Anglin
Non-ironic Nazism masquerading as ironic Nazism
—Andrew Anglin, describing his writing strategy[1]

The Daily Stormer (TDS) is a neo-Nazi and white supremacist "news" and commentary webshite founded by Andrew Anglin (1984–),[2] which associates with the alt-right[3] and describes itself as the "Most Censored Publication in History". Despite its similar name, the site is not connected with Stormfront, although both names are likely allusions to the brain-explodingly vile Nazi tabloid Der Stürmer,Wikipedia[4] which Rightpedia claims is the predecessor of TDS.[5]

TDS and its Führer support Russia and its Slavic untermensch glorious leader Vladimir Putin, and endorsed Donald Trump for President.[6][7] According to the SPLC, white supremacist endorsement of Trump is unprecedented, as the movement is generally skeptical of all politicians.[8] Anglin also endorsed Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017 UK general election, arguing that the Tories weren't hard enough on immigration and Corbyn was anti-globalism.[9]

Despite Anglin claiming to not endorse violence, neo-Nazi members of Daily Stormer, such as Michael Coombs, promote violence against non-whites.[note 1] Their website features a demographic countdown on their sidebar, which shows a countdown of time remaining until whites allegedly become a minority in the United States (as of January 2021, it is the year 2043) with a bar and graph representing the alleged decline of the white population, and mentions that white people make up 11.5% of the global population. The site is also a cesspit of antisemitic slurs such as goyim ("shekels plz goyim").


Front cover of Der Stürmer from December 1938, with the headline, "Ist die Judenfrage gelöst?" (Is the Jewish Question Solved?)

The Daily Stormer was launched on July 4, 2013 as a successor to Anglin's Total Fascism blog. However, while Total Fascism was far more in-depth, long-winded, and pseudo-intellectual, the Daily Stormer, modeled after the Nazi Germany publication Der Stürmer,Wikipedia uses shorter articles, more memes, and a more provocative style intended to appeal to a younger demographic.[11][12] In short, Anglin seems to think his readership is composed of easily bandwagoned edgelords aged 15 to 25, and the success of the Daily Stormer compared to Total Fascism seems to confirm this view. That pretty much says it all.

Andrew Anglin's father, Greg Anglin, was known to have a Christian counseling center.[13] As of 2017, Greg simultaneously owns two gay bars, while doing gay "conversion therapy" at his counseling center.[1]

The Daily Stormer website itself was originally under Greg's name.[14] One has to wonder what a Christian's views on the content of the site would be. Greg had "registered The Daily Stormer's trade name and filed paperwork for his son's limited-liability corporation, Moonbase Holdings, a likely reference to a conspiracy theory that Hitler survived World War II by escaping to a secret lunar base".[1] Greg also received donation checks for his son at his office.[1]


I did not ever threaten anyone with anything — if I did, I would be in jail or at least facing criminal prosecution. They just lie, because they are filthy lying Jews.
—Andrew Anglin, shortly before being sued for harassment[15]

Andrew Anglin told media and technology company VocativWikipedia that he was liberal as a youth, and as a teenager he read works by Noam Chomsky and "all that Communist, Jewish stuff".[11] He later studied Buddhism, Islam, and 20th century French philosophers before aligning himself with neo-Nazism.[11] Anglin is very chatty with "Dr." David Duke,[16] and said about his beliefs in 2014, "I'm not certain I want to repeat everything like it was in Hitler's Germany. But I agree with all the core principles of National Socialism."[11] He also appears to have embraced MGTOW ideology, and makes no excuses for his hatred of Aryan women.[17]

Pro-white supremacy[edit]

According to The Jewish Chronicle, the Daily Stormer "posts hundreds of racist articles targeting black people, Muslims and Jews".[18] If you just added gays and Asians, they're spot on:[note 2]

If Jewish villains were snakes we’d have two kinds of snake. The thin radical, Liberal, Marxist, Libxist, Marxeral, specialist, loop-hole lawyer, creative accountant type Jews would be the rattlesnakes, while the fat ‘businessman’ (i.e. ‘ripping people off’) type Jew would be the fat python – its size depending on what helpless creature or thing it had just devoured. […] It has been said by someone far more learned than myself, that the reason Jews can't resist stealing money is because deep down they regard all money as belonging to them. Whatever the reason, they do seem to find it very difficult to keep their hands off other people’s money, even more difficult, if that be possible, than Asian doctors find it to keep their hands off white female patients. (The legacy of slavery won't work here, so perhaps it is to do with the legacy of colonialism?)[ ]The British Medical Authority’s yearly listing of names struck off, or suspended for sexually molesting female patients reads like the Caltutta phone directory. One senior GP (general practitioner) once confided in me that only a weak man or a man who is mentally deficient would let his wife or daughter receive medical treatment by an Asian male.[19]

Oh gays. Is there any disease you won’t catch? Our favorite plague bearers are at it again! Maybe it’s because I'm a Nazi, but I don't find [an outbreak of meningitis among gays] perplexing at all. It makes perfect sense to me that people who have upwards of 100 sexual partner per year, and catch every STD in the book, would also be vulnerable to a host of other diseases and disorders. […] There's a very simple explanation. Homos are promiscuous hedonists who engage in the most perverse practices on a regular basis. As a result, their immune systems are overloaded and they're wracked with diseases.[20]

The Miss Teen USA pageant was already under fire for demonstrating the scientific fact that blonde White women are the most beautiful of all women, when another pro-White scandal broke: the crowned queen, Karlie Hay, had used the word "nigger" on Twitter. […] The Jewish media is having a Hillary-style seizure over this, of course. This is after they were already flipping-out because there were no token monkeys in the finals. […]

And here's the best part: despite the calls of the whinging faggot chorus, it was announced this morning that Queen Karlie will keep her crown. Things are changing, people. The old rules no longer apply. The White race is rising, it is resisting and the enemy is backing down. But we will not let up simply because they are giving up ground. We will push forward until they no longer exist. We will erase our enemies from existence. We will burn their books. The lessons of this Dark Age will be taught to the children, but the names and faces of the perpetrators of these crimes against our race will be erased from history.

In our future, all contestants in American beauty pageants will be archetypes of Aryan beauty. And the final question in the "personality" part of the contest will be: What do you hate most about niggers?[21]

It should also be immediately clear how hyperbolic these articles are. Even if the premises were true in each case (they're not), TDS would have proved merely that (1) one Jew ran his business into the ground, (2) some gays have caught meningitis, and (3) the Miss Teen USA pageant is fine with giving the crown to racists. From this, TDS has concluded that Jews, Asians, gays, and African Americans are all degenerate scum unworthy of any respect whatsoever.


Heil Donald Trump — The Ultimate Savior
—Anglin on The Daily Stormer, following Trump's anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant statements[22][23]
Trump just keeps hitting all of our issues. Left and right. Is there anyone who could argue at this point he isn't a reader of The Daily Stormer?[24]

Anglin endorsed Donald Trump for POTUS in 2015, after he had made his controversial comments about all Mexicans being rapists, called to ban all Muslims entering the US, etc.[25] In July 2016, Andrew Anglin and TDS were mentioned by Lacy ClayWikipedia, Democratic Representative from Missouri, as he asked in a congressional hearing whether FBI director James Comey was aware of Trump sharing Twitter posts by white supremacists.[26]

Black Trump supporter Crystal Wright wrote that he needed to separate himself from white nationalists such as TDS, who were endorsing him ahead of other politicians they deemed "cuckservatives"Wikipedia for holding more liberal positions,[27] although what a deranged neo-Nazi might call "liberal" or "socialist" may be as far from liberalism or socialism as it can get. Al Jazeera writer Malcolm Harris analyzed the endorsement and predicted that a Trump presidency would strengthen organized racist groups and lead to civil war: "I support Trump's disruptive Republican campaign, but he needs to rebuke these racists who gather under the #cuckservative hashtag."[28] Huffington Post journalist Jessica Schulberg compared how white nationalists like Anglin and former KKK leader David Duke believed Trump to be representative of their ethnic interests, while at the same time several Jews believed him to be representative of theirs.[29]

Anglin was not the only white supremacist to have endorsed Trump: former Aryan Nations leader August Kreis III did the same,[30] as well as David Duke and a raft of racists, neo-Nazis and anti-Semites from the alt-right and beyond. Anglin also asked for the wife of Ted Cruz to be executed for treason,[31] despite a disclaimer on his website saying that:

We here at the Daily Stormer are opposed to violence. We seek revolution through the education of the masses. When the information is available to the people, systemic change will be inevitable and unavoidable. Anyone suggesting or promoting violence in the comments section will be immediately banned, permanently.[31]


Despite Hitler having… not-so-positive views of Russians and the Slavic peoples (to say the least),[32] TDS's coverage of world events is ironically dominated by a pro-Kremlin stance. Anglin has praised Vladimir Putin for — amongst many things — "standing up for his people" as a man of "moral principle", being "friendly with the European far-right",[7] and "effectively molding a new theocratic state".[33]

TDS offers pro-separatist coverage of the War in Donbass,Wikipedia which Anglin considers "the correct moral position".[11] The SPLC described the site as "the newest up and comer in the heated competition to rule the hate web", which "has in the last six months [up to March 2015] often topped the oldest and largest hate site on the web, Stormfront, in terms of reach and page views, based on Alexa data".[34] Anglin claimed in May 2016 that TDS's traffic had doubled over the last six months, peaking at 120,000 daily visitors.[29]

Supporting Russia's invasion of Ukraine[edit]

Unsurprisingly, TDS supports Russia in the Ukrainian war they usually link the Russian propaganda site RT. Anglin claimed that there is disinformation surrounding the Battle of Kiev, he says that the Russian soldiers captured are fake and dressed in Russian soldier costumes, that the atrocities committed by Russia are actually by Ukrainians.[35] 'Elvis Dunderhoff' criticized Pope Francis for kissing the Ukrainian flag, he called him a globalist shill and pro-war who is pro-Azov and pro-torture. Dunderhoff used whataboutism to justify the Russo-Ukrainian war.[36] Anglin posted that Ukrainians are calling for the death of Russians, he uses one Instagram account to represent all Ukrainians, he claimed that Vaush supports the CIA and CIA-trained neo-Nazis killing Russians for some reason.[37] Anglin posted that Ukraine is using bioweapons (specifically tuberculosis) on children; as "evidence" for this he links to an article by RT which claims Ukraine has set up biolabs to kill Russians. He claims RT is a solid source.

Anglin claims that viruses don't exist. He also believes RT's claims that The Pentagon is torturing Russians.[38]. Anglin posted that the West knew that Ukraine wasn't capable of any offensive, he links to an RT article to back this bullshit up. According to that RT article, Ukraine was losing the offensive and the West knew it. He said that the Ukraine, no matter how much equipment you give them, cannot win a war against Russia.[39]. Anglin posted that the U.S. is tired of Zelenskyy and that the U.S wants to withdraw the NATO offer of support. Anglin cites a RT article which says that Zelenskyy's criticism of NATO led to Washington being mad at him and considering withdrawing support. he says that there is a Democrat plan to escalate the Russo-Ukrainian War into World War III:

The Democrat plan – at least the vague outline of the only thing you could call a plan – appears to be to wait until after the 2024 election to escalate this situation into a World War III situation. But Russia isn’t going to get any weaker in the next 18 months. China is not going to be less resolved or weak. The Ukraine is going to have a lot less territory.[40]

Members of the Jewish conspiracy[edit]

The following, in the eyes of Anglin, are card-carrying members of the globalist, Zionist, Communist, Jewish conspiracy:

Some of these people involved in The Conspiracy™ are actually Jewish, including:

Sexism and East Asian women[edit]

Even as a racist, I am able to recognize that Japanese women have some attractive physical qualities.
Weeaboo white supremacist Andrew Anglin[50]
I believe the more steadfast the Chinese and the Japanese remain in their pride of race, the easier I shall find it to get on with them.
—Adolf Hitler[51]

For someone who's ostentatiously a white nationalist, Anglin has a very interesting history with Asian women; he personally views Asians to be alright folks[52] (presumably giving them honorary AryanWikipedia status in his rebuilding of the Third Reich). He filmed a vlog where he was seen prancing around with his "jailbait Filipina girlfriend";[53] the use of the term "jailbait" here is concerning, as the Philippines is known as a hotbed for child sex tourism, often driven by a sense of subservience to white men[54] – i.e., the racialist worldview which Anglin espouses. Anglin has also accused Sargon of Akkad for apparently allowing child rape, because of a video in which – despite all the denunciations of political correctness – Sargon said that the problems over the Rotherham grooming gangsWikipedia were not "a Muslim problem", but "a British problem".[55]

The hostility in particular towards women, especially white women, is also quite bizarre. A query on his site for "women" typically reveals barely contained anger that women should have the right to do things like vote[56][57][58] or have opinions in general.[59] He tells his followers, "your worst enemy is not Jews, White Man, but your own females."[60]

The Daily Stormer has promoted the concept of White Sharia, i.e. of women being reduced to the status of property to be beaten and raped.[61]

Anglin disappeared after a 2017 civil suit by a Jewish woman who alleged that he caused intimidation and emotional distress after he urged his supporters to harass her.[62][63] Anglin has been ordered by a court to make his whereabouts known, and his lawyer claims that he fled to Cambodia.[62]

Antivaxx nonsense[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Anti-vaccination movement

According to Elvis Dunderhoff, the COVID-19 vaccine is making people magnetic. Dunderhoff links to a bunch of tweets as evidence. Dunderhoff is adamant that the vaccines are used to control people.[64] "Snake baker" posted that a Pfizer study showed that almost 80% of children past age 12 experienced side effects from COVID-19 vaccines. He cites "Free West Media", a fake news site that says that vaccines have a 0.8% chance of killing people. Snake baker also says transgendered people are "injecting children with sex hormones and mutilating their genitals. He also calls vaccines an "experimental gene therapy."[65]

Anglin claims that "Blue Checks" are just lying about the coronavirus mRNA “vaccine,” by saying "it isn’t gene therapy." According to Anglin, Alex Berenson,Wikipedia who is an antivaxxer, is "one of one of the only sound and sane voices still allowed in public." He also believes that Jewish journalists and Jewish vaccine doctors are lying about what they are injecting into your body.[66] Anglin thinks that every country is coercing people into taking the COVID-19 vaccine. He cites a RT article about anti-vaxxer opposition to the Russian vaccine program. Anglin also hates the Philippines for initiating a COVID-19 vaccination program. He looks forward to the supposed deaths that being vaccinated will cause because the world would apparently be a much better place after clearing out the "human garbage."[67] Elvis Dunderhoff posted that South Korea is investigating people dying "within days of receiving the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine." Specifically, according to Dunderhoff:

Asia has become a problem for the elite, because there is really no solution to high IQ people who are not totally on-board with the agenda. Furthermore, Asians in general have a hard time processing the subtlety of the Western agenda, given that they have a natural mental state that is not dissimilar to autism. They notice things and then say them.[68]

COVID-19 denialism[edit]

See the main article on this topic: COVID-19 denialism

Martin Bieber claims that the Spanish media is overexaggerating COVID-19 deaths. Bieber cites a RT article which claims that the actual death rate is one in one thousand and fifty seven.[69] Anglin doesn't trust the WHO's claims that June 22, 2020 had the most COVID-19 infections in a day up to that point, he claims the reason why there were more infections that day than previously is because there was more testing. Anglin also claims that the virus was created to distract the masses from economic collapse [70]

Anglin believes that COVID-19 is a hoax that is going strong in Brazil. He believes the WHO is fabricating the death toll. Anglin is also a proponent of HIV/AIDS denialism, specifically by saying that the death toll from HIV is fabricated as well.[71]

"Pomidor Quixote" claims that lockdowns don't work. He also claims lockdowns increased unemployment rates for no reason.[note 3] According to Quixote COVID-19 is just like the flu, citing the Daily Mail as "evidence" for this. The Daily Fail also claims that lockdowns don't decrease rates of infection (which is obvious bullshit). Quixote also claims that the lockdown is not doing anything to combat the virus and is just destroying people’s lives.[72]

According to "Quixote" 99% of the people killed by the coronavirus in Italy had already existing illnesses. He cites the Daily Mail as evidence.[note 4] He believes that COVID-19 was designed to purge the world of boomers and fat people.[73]

Climate change denial[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Global warming denialism

According to "Snake Baker" science has declared that a billion people will die because of the effects of global warming over the following century. Proceeding to cite Breitbart, he posts an image made by denialists which claims that water vapour is the most important greenhouse gas that apparently accounts for 95% of the greenhouse effect. The image claims that carbon dioxideWikipedia only accounts for 3.6% of the total contribution to the anthropogenic greenhouse effect and that humans emit only 0.33% of carbon dioxide. "Snake Baker" also believes that climate change has many beneficial upsides and will extend the growing season for crops.[74]

Snake Baker claims that over sixteen hundred academics "including Nobel Prize winners" signed a declaration denouncing climate change as a hoax. Baker cites "The College Fix," which is a fake news site. The College Fix cites Climate Intelligence "which describes itself as an independent foundation that seeks 'to generate knowledge and understanding of the causes and effects of climate change as well as the effects of climate policy." However, Climate Intelligence is actually a climate denialist organization. Snake Baker claims that global warming is caused by the Sun. Baker also believes climate change is a plot to create a One World Government.[75]

Elvis Dunderhoff claims that "the science" is calling public health measures for climate change a "scam." He links to a tweet by "Young Americans for Liberty" that claims that a MSNBC host sat in stunned silence as Vivek Ramaswamy supposedly exposed the climate change scam. Dunderhoff cites an article from The Guardian which says that air pollution measures need to put in place to protect people with respiratory illnesses. Dunderhoff views these measures as "bullshit." He cites tweets by Robin Monotti, a climate change denier. The first tweet says that the IPCC's consensus is false. The second tweet claims that the west uses the supposed "climate change narrative" to hinder vital industrial progress in the developing world. The third tweet claims that climate change is a religion. The fourth tweet claims that "the hypothesis of global warming is falsified by the evidence." The fifth tweet claims the sun causes climate change. The sixth tweet claims that the supposed climate complex is motivated by greed. The seventh and the last tweet claims that the carbon dioxide models are pseudoscience.[note 5]


weev announced his conversion to neo-Nazism on TDS, and has since become a local god in TDS's pantheon.

A number of white supremacists, neo-Nazis and alt-right figures contribute to TDS on a daily basis, as well as those formerly not involved in far-right politics.

Internet hacker and troll weev (Andrew Auernheimer),Wikipedia once considered a "darling of the left", wrote an article on TDS after his release from prison, espousing his recent conversion to Neo-Nazism and his opposition to Jews who had "abused our compassion to build an empire of wickedness the likes the world has never seen".[76] Ironically, his mother stated that he has Native American heritage and is Jewish on both sides of his family.[77][78]

WHITE SHARIA is the only way forward politically.
Sex with nonwhites is morally acceptable as long as it comes in the form of rape on public display for the purpose of terrorizing them and you put a bullet in them afterwards.
Albanians are even worse than Jews.

Fredrick Brennan, founder of the online community 8chan, wrote an article on TDS encouraging eugenics, based on his own experiences of having brittle bone disease.Wikipedia[80] Florida-based Jewish troll Joshua Ryne Goldberg,Wikipedia who encouraged an Islamist attack on a free speech exhibitionWikipedia in Garland, Texas, under the alias of a religious extremist, wrote white supremacist articles for TDS under the pseudonym Michael Slay.[81][82]

Robert Warren Ray ("Azzmador")

Robert Warren Ray ("Azzmador"), a Texas-based neo-Nazi, is a writer for TDS and host of The Krypto Report. The official podcast for the group became notorious for appearing on a Vice News documentary about Charlottesville where he infamously said, "this city is run by Jewish communists and criminal niggers".[83] He was involved in organizing Unite the Right, and led clashes with counter-protesters.[83] Azzmador was among the co-defendants in a civil suit brought against UTR organizers.[83] The defendants' lawyers submitted a motion to dismiss the case claiming that their online rhetoric was never meant to be taken seriously, but Azzmador wrote on Discord, "I come bare-fisted […] But my guys will be ready with lots of nifty equipment."[83]

Typical articles[edit]

You can’t put brakes on a brakeless train, kikes – not while its moving at rocket speed.[84]

The top six articles for August 1, 2016 were:[85]

  • Aryan Queen Karlie Hay Attacked for Saying "Nigger" in Tweets!
    (Or, "We'll defend any white person who uses racist slurs as insults.")
  • Jew Jon Stewart Liebowitz to Come Out of Retirement for New HBO Show Attacking Trump!
    (Or, "anyone who attacks Trump is degenerate scum. Jews are merely scum twice over.")
  • Hillary Attempting to Jew-Over Trump with Horrible Debate Time Slot (Up Against NFL!)
    (Or, "Trump trying to chicken out of debating Clinton is actually Clinton's fault.")
  • Thieving, Lying, Sleazy, Greasy Billionaire Jew Threatens British Member of Parliament
    (Or, "When white businesses fail, blame the greedy Jews. When Jew businesses fail, blame the greedy Jews.")
  • Mystery: Meningitis Outbreak in Faggots
    (Or, "Gays are immoral hedonists who seek out STDs. Conversely, straights are immune to all disease.")
  • UK: Sick Terrorists Release Thousands of Cockroaches in Restaurant in Revenge for Deportations
    (Or, "Destructive tactics to defend immigrants are "terrorism'. That said, violent attacks on immigrants are A-OK!")


The site has been noted for its use of humor and memes, which have been likened to 4chan and cited as attractions for a younger and more sprawling mass of insanity ideologically diverse audience (especially activists of other anti-political correctness ideologies, such as Gamergaters, men's rights activists and anti-SJWers) who would not normally have turned to neo-Nazism.[86] One type of meme that the website has used is to overlay images of Taylor Swift with anti-Semitic quotations, including those by Hitler,[87] following in the footsteps of @poopcutie on Instagram, who opposed people making "anti-Semitic jokes" based on their posts.[88]

TDS also puts triple parentheses around the names of Jews, a far-right meme created by fellow website The Right Stuff.[89]

Culture jamming[edit]

The SPLC has documented Anglin's involvement in and encouragement of culture jammingWikipedia by making hyperbolic statements in fake online accounts as women and minorities. Anglin has also said that "ridiculous" statements such as "gas the kike", if repeated in media coverage, can work to desensitize the public to the Holocaust.[87] In late 2015, during protests chiefly by African Americans at the University of Missouri,Wikipedia Anglin began a hoax of a campus Ku Klux Klan rally and claimed victory when the rumor spread.[87]

The culture jamming has also included co-optation of mainstream brands without their company's approval, including New Balance, Wendy's and Cadillac.[90] Other brands associated with neo-Nazi co-optation have included Tiki torches, Yuengling, Papa John's, Lacoste, and Fred Perry golf shirts.[90][91]

Troll campaigns[edit]

TDS organizes hate campaigns against people they dislike, and orchestrates what it calls the "Troll Army", which trolls people that Anglin disagrees with.[92]

  • October 2014: TDS became involved in a campaign against British Labour politician Luciana Berger,Wikipedia a Jewish Member of Parliament. Many left-wing supporters of Jeremy Corbyn had also been involved in campaigns against Berger, showing the horseshoe theory in full effect here.[93] A man had been sent to prison for sending her abusive messages over Twitter,[18] and TDS encouraged its readers to send her antisemitic messages, giving out guidelines on how to limit traceability and create anonymous e-mail and Twitter accounts.[18] Berger said she received 400 abusive messages in one week.[18] The abuse was brought up in the British Parliament, where Speaker John BercowWikipedia deemed it "beneath contempt".[94]
  • October 2014: In New Hampshire, Jews were singled out via a distribution of pamphlets saying "With Jews We Lose".[95]
  • February 2015: Afghan-Australian Muslim activist Mariam Veiszadeh was singled out for demanding that a xenophobic T-shirt bearing the Australian flag reading "If you don't love it, leave" be withdrawn from sale at Woolworths. A woman was arrested for sending Veiszadeh abusive messages,[92] and Anglin used the "muh freedumz of speech!" card, saying that two wrongs make a right and that Veiszadeh's actions "should be responded to with the most ridiculous conceivable hateful speech", claiming that "the vast majority of White people do not think name-calling should be an imprisonable offense".[92] In response, around 3,000 people defended Veiszadeh with the hashtag #IStandWithMariam.[96]
  • March 2016: TDS took credit for sending numerous racist, anti-Semitic fliers to thousands of publicly accessible, internet-connected printers throughout the country, many of them at universities. The fliers urged the reader to visit TDS and accompany it "in the struggle for global white supremacy"; Anglin credited weev for the stunt.[97][98]
  • April 2016: The site encouraged racially abusing Julia Ioffe, a Jewish Russian journalist who had written a piece on Melania Trump in GQ that Melania and TDS both found too critical. Ioffe said that the abuse was unparalleled in her lifetime since she left Russia 26 years earlier to escape such prejudices.[99] In June, TDS users doxxed Erin Schrode, a Jewish woman running for Congress in California, and sent her Holocaust-related messages.[100]
  • April 2016: On April 20 (Zum Geburtstag viel Glück, mein Führer), online university printers in Germany printed Nazi propaganda tracts using a fairly simple exploit, including TDS's name.[101]
  • December 2016: TDS published names and photos of several residents of Whitefish, Montana in an article about Richard Spencer's mother trying to sell her property. An email harassment campaign quickly ensued. In April 2017, the SPLC sued Anglin on behalf of one of the targets of the harassment campaign.[102] The judge in the case made a preliminary ruling against Anglin's lawyers, denying their attempt to dismiss the case on First Amendment grounds.[103]

Trolling consequences[edit]

  • June 2019: Dean ObeidallahWikipedia was awarded $4.1 million in a default judgement against Anglin for defamation, after TDS made the bullshit claim that Obeidallah was a terrorist who masterminded the Manchester bombing after an Ariana Grande concert in May 2017.Wikipedia[104]
  • July 2019: Tanya Gersh, a Jewish real estate estate agent who was one of those targeted in the December 2016 harassment campaign, won a $14 million default judgment against Anglin.[105]
  • August 2019: Taylor Dumpson, the first African American female student body president of American UniversityWikipedia, was awarded $725,000 default judgement against Anglin and TDS, due to a harassment campaign (or "troll storm") targeting her that was instigated by Anglin.[106]


See the main article on this topic: Rape

Despite constantly claiming to be against rape and even devoting a whole section decrying it as terrible, the site is in fact only against non-white folk doing the raping, and holds a double standard where pale-skinned people like them are concerned.

In May 2017, TDS published an article complaining about attempts to prohibit stealthing, an act in which a condom is secretly removed during sex so as to forcefully impregnate women. The article defiantly encouraged white men to continue doing this to women and blackmailing them to give birth, all in the name of staving off white genocide.[107]

TDS's response to the COVID-19 pandemic included a nonsensical post-apocalyptic fantasy written by Anglin on April 18, 2020, which seems to combine the racist war bullshit found in xenophobic novels such as The Camp of the SaintsWikipedia with the poorly-written, sexist, masturbatory S&M fantasies found in a Chronicles of Gor novel. In this scenario, citing pro-slavery sections of the Bible, Anglin envisions the coronavirus bringing society collapse, followed by a new mode of existence being called for where "Aryan rape gangs" are needed to enslave white women into "sexual slavery" for white "breeding farms" in order to build up an army for an upcoming "generational war against the Mexicans". (Anglin is happy to point out that he isn't as picky as the Bible is on the requirement of virginity for his sex slaves.) Of course, to quote Anglin, "the prettiness and number of sexual slaves that are given to a man will depend on his contributions to the group", because that's the way he wants it in his fantasy. Helpfully to show where his mind is wandering, Anglin (who thinks his strange fantasy, with the deaths, rapes, Mexican cartels, sex slaves, breeding farms and whatnot, is like an "awesome video game") illustrated the article with pictures of Princess Teegra, a protagonist from the vaguely titillating,[108] kind of dumb[109] 1983 animated sword-and-sorcery film Fire and IceWikipedia.[110]

Style guide: tactics and strategy revealed[edit]

In September 2017, a disgruntled Vox Day posted hand-typed excerpts from The Daily Stormer's style guide.[111] Day's ire for posting this was apparently because he was stood up for ("cucked") a debate by Anglin, fueled by mutual big-dicking over who has more followers.[111] The excerpts quoted indicate that the guide went far beyond simple formatting and grammar and went into tactics and mindset.[111] That December, the Huffington Post released the complete 17-page guide obtained from an IRC channel hosted by Auernheimer, where he was soliciting new writers.[112] The payment per accepted article is a chintzy $14.88.[112]


The key tactical points of the style guide are:

  • The target audience is 8th-grade vocabulary reading ability. "The use of 'college words' is extremely discouraged."[113]:2
  • TDS encourages block-quoting mainstream media for several reasons, including:[113]:4-6
    • Co-optation of the "the perceived authority of the mainstream media"
    • Commenting on existing news reduces the risk of being accused of being fake news or being delisted from Facebook (that worked for a while anyway).
    • "It serves to break-up the text in a way that is appealing to the ADHD demographic we are targeting."
    • Sources for quotation can be anything, but more concise sources (presumably again aiming at a non-college educated audience). "RT and Breitbart have the benefit of being closer to our own spin on many issues…"
  • TDS was modeled after the now-defunct Gawker.Wikipedia[113]:5
  • Pages should include as much visual stimulation as possible to "appeal to the ADHD culture".[113]:8
  • Specific advice on profanity and slurs[113]:9-10


The strategy section is called "Morals and Dogma".[113]:10-15

Prime Directive: Always Blame the Jews for Everything
As Hitler says, people will become confused and disheartened if they feel there are multiple enemies. As such, all enemies should be combined into one enemy, which is the Jews. This is pretty much objectively true anyway, but we want to leave out any and all nuance.

So no blaming Enlightenment thought, pathological altruism, technology/urbanization, etc. — just blame Jews for everything.

This basically includes blaming Jews for the behavior of other nonwhites. Of course it should not be that they are innocent, but the message should always be that if we didn't have the Jews, we could figure out how to deal with nonwhites very easily.

The same deal with women. Women should be attacked, but there should always be mention that if it wasn't for the Jews, they would be acting normally.

What should be completely avoided is the sometimes mentioned idea that "even if we got rid of the Jews we would still have all these other problems." The Jews should always be the beginning and the end of every problem, from poverty to poor family dynamics to war to the destruction of the rainforest.[113]:10-11

Ironically, Jews can also be blamed for the tactics of TDS because Anglin recommends reading Saul Alinsky's book Rules for Radicals.[113]:13
  • The use of joking/not-joking and self-mockery is a strategic ploy to draw people in, but Anglin actually does want to kill Jews in real life:

The unindoctrinated should not be able to tell if we are joking or not. There should also be a conscious awareness of mocking stereotypes of hateful racists. I usually think of this as self- deprecating humor — I am a racist making fun of stereotype of racists, because I don't take myself super-seriously.

This is obviously a ploy and I actually do want to gas kikes. But that's neither here nor there.[113]:11

  • To further simplify things for the masses, TDS relies on the false dilemma, "Just as we mustn't present multiple enemies, we mustn't leave any room for nuance in any other area."[113]:11

Anglin explains this by saying, "This isn't being dishonest. It is just acknowledging the practical reality that people cannot, as a rule, handle having doubt in their minds."[113]:12 Anglin then explains this by giving examples of who to attack and who not to attack:

    • Attack Marine Le Pen: "She is better than the alternatives but she is also a dumb bitch, attacking her own father for relatively benign statements about kikes."[113]:12
    • Attack Viktor Orban: "He refuses to walk away from the EU, or even threaten to. And in Hungary, there actually is a much more hardcore option in the nationalist Jobbik party."[113]:12
    • Always attack Jews.[113]:12
    • Never attack other white nationalists: "there should never be any criticism of other white activists, even faggots we all fucking hate."[113]:15
    • Attack the alt-lite[113]:15
  • All publicity is good publicity.[113]:13
  • There's no such thing as too much hyperbole.[113]:13
  • Tacit support for violence via "accelerationism" and boogaloo: "It's illegal to promote violence on the Internet. At the same time, it's totally important to normalize the acceptance of violence as an eventuality/inevitability."[113]:15 Examples:
    • "Anders Breivik should be forever referred to as a heroic freedom fighter. This is great because people think you must be joking."[113]:15
    • "Dylann Roof I have labeled 'DyRo,' and though I offer explanations for what he did, I never condemn him. I also think it is very funny to say that he was simply defending himself when he was attacked in a church by black mamies[sic] trying to steal his iPhone. That sort of silly humor really bites at the Jew 'pure evil' narrative."[113]:15


The targets of TDS trolling falls into four categories:[113]:16-17

  1. Minor public figures, particularly women or Jews who are journalists, bloggers, or politicians
  2. Pressuring "conservative" media figures. The examples given are all members of the alt-right, who aren't Nazi enough for Anglin's taste:
    • Attacking Alex Jones with "Operation: Jew Wife",[113]:17 based on Jones' now-ex-wife having a Jewish grandfather[114] Notably, Alex Jones and TDS have used the same lawyers.[114]
    • Piss fighting with Gavin McInnes: Anglin claims that McInnes "now spends huge amounts of time talking about Nazis, and trying to explain why he likes Jews."[113]:17
    • Milo Yiannopoulos
  3. Assigning (unfounded) racist motivation to celebrities: targets included Tom Hanks and Taylor Swift
  4. Praising companies that support racism


TDS attracted media coverage when the SPLC stated that white supremacist spree killer Dylann RoofWikipedia—who on June 17, 2015, shot nine African Americans to death in the Charleston church shootingWikipedia—may have made several comments on the site. The SPLC found similarities between one user's comments and Roof's manifesto.[115] The Daily Beast stated that Anglin "repudiated Roof's crime and publicly disavowed violence, while endorsing many of Roof's views".[86] In October, Anglin gave a positive reaction to an attempted assassination on Henriette Reker,Wikipedia a candidate for mayor of Cologne, Germany, decrying her as a "feminist hag".[116]

Criticism from white nationalists[edit]

The SPLC has stated that white nationalist websites have taken issue with what they see as low-brow coverage on TDS, as well as Anglin's defense of Christianity and denouncement of the white supremacist sect Christian Identity.[34] Others, such as the Traditionalist Youth NetworkWikipedia, have praised TDS for its reach and influence.[34]

Colin Liddell of has criticized Anglin's beliefs and tone. Liddell, who believes that stopping migration and encouraging higher birthrates is more important for preserving the white race, condemned Anglin for writing that it was impossible for the race to survive without adopting his views on Jews, Hitler and the Holocaust.[117] Liddell considered that Anglin was attracting poor whites with his provocative online persona in the same manner as monster trucks and professional wrestling, writing that "it is hard not to conclude that Anglin is a paid shill and agent provocateur, whose purpose is simply to infest and discredit White nationalism".[118] Jared Taylor of American Renaissance criticized TDS's "extremely harsh, dismissive and insulting tone toward blacks", which he called unhelpful.[118]

The Decline and…[edit]

In an angry rant posted on February 3, 2020, Anglin claimed that he "gave 30 day notices to most of the staff" of the Daily Stormer because "fewer than 60 of you decided to send money for a total of less than $5,000" during a fundraising campaign (an amount which hardly covered costs). He then questioned whether the site would continue to run in the future due to the lack of support. Apparently he's figuring out that the audience of people who actually give a shit about his racist agenda of "telling the truth about the Jews and attempting to save white people" is very small indeed.[119]

…Promotion by Twitter[edit]

After Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter in October 2022, Musk decided to reinstate virtually all banned users in November 2022, demonstrating Musk's belief in free speech absolutism.[120] In December 2022, Anglin's account was reinstated, a decade after it had been banned.[120]

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