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RationalWiki:Project Social Justice

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Project Social Justice[edit]


Welcome to Project Social Justice! We plan to sprinkle references onto SJ articles until they are appropriate in both quality and quantity.

If you want to join us sign up, and get started!

High priority articles[edit]

To-do list[edit]


How can I help?[edit]

The best least effortful way to help is to go through the references and sprinkle them on the appropriate page(s), striking them off from here as you go along so we know they are out there (eventually somebody will nuke them completely off from here too, presumably).

More complicated stuff can be done also, of course. You can go through the articles in Category:Social justice, if none of the stuff on the to-do list is appropriate for you. If you are a FB user, we also have a group where we discuss stuff, but it's not really required as everything is cross-posted to here.