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May 2011[edit]

9Look! I found 8 off-white interpolated pixels! It must be an alien base! Nowait! It's NASA's sikrit base! Nowait! It's a fallen spaceship! And NASA refuses to reply. That has to mean something!
11Chris Hedges: The recent tornadoes, wildfires, etc., are judgments of God Gaia against human sin hubris.
14Chris Christie accepts scientific reality and thus is unworthy to be a Republican.
9Whirled Nut: Give it up, liberals! Jerome Corsi's new book is a NY Times bestseller and Jack Cashill proves Bill Ayers ghost-wrote Dreams from my Father
6Obama and Social Security-ers? Release the Social Security number!
9Are you radioactive? Drink water!
-4To honor people who could "get a tough job done, without complaint," a blogger complains his head off about politics and how mothers are marginalized in modern culture.
17A scientist whines about Lenski-esque FOIA requests, thus proving, once again, that global warming is a hoax.
5Last week, when his opponents were misinterpreting the Bible, William Rivers Pitt thought it contained a superior blueprint for living a good, moral life. This week, when his opponents know their Bible a little better, he thinks the Bible is for the most part a nest of savage, cruel gibberish that is hard­ly the best basis for the es­tablish­ment of a code of soci­al con­duct.
2Barack ("Mr. Hopey Changey") Obama, being a flaming imperialist after the fashion of Winston Churchill and George W. Bush, is pursuing an agenda of criminalizing dissent and squishing Middle Eastern democracy.
22Top Ten Reasons to hate Sarah Palin "1-10: Because she's beautiful, and LIBRULS SUCK".
17Jewish and Arab land claims in the Levant compared. The Jews claim that they own the land because God ordered them to conquer it and they did. Therefore, their claim is valid. Palestinians claim that they own the land because God ordered them to conquer it and they did. Therefore, their claim is invalid.
17"32 Signs That The Entire World Is Being Transformed Into A Futuristic Big Brother Prison Grid". You can't make this shit up.
24Got AIDS? Drink water!
35If The Moon Does Not Rotate 360 Degrees How Did It Become Spherical? Choice quote by another poster: "If the phases are caused by the light reflecting off the moon, and the shadow because of the angle of the sun and the moon, why is it that when the moon and the sun are in the sky at the same time, the moon is still half, crescent, etc."
-6A blogger uses the Dominique Strauss-Kahn arrest as an excuse to discuss being groped by a stranger on a French train. The groper was, of course, not just grabbing a random woman's rear for kicks, but was an enlisted hitman of the Patriarchy, out to teach her a lesson.
3Ah, the Good Old Days, when Puritan values reigned supreme and checked the ravenous violent capitalistic id that leads to violent rape and commodification of women. Looks like that whole chattel marriage thing the Puritans had was a good deal after all.
7Prof. Henry A. Giroux: "Democracy" has nothing to do with elections, but everything to do with street battles and (of course) "formative cultures."
-12Vincent Bugliosi: The Golden Rule "is the highest, most noble form of human behavior and the basis of all morality." (Right up to the point, that is, at which you meet a masochist or a self-hater, at which point it becomes rather spotty.)
15Camping comes out of hiding, is "flabbergasted" that he's not in heaven.
9With no sense of irony, Joseph Farah threatens to sue Esquire over a "false story." Oh yes, and he's going to do it using your donations.
10A victory for Andy! Other cranks are embracing the "atheists are fat" meme.
14Pamela Geller: Obama calls for "Auschwitz borders."
19Tired of liberal public school indoctrination? Here's a great homeschooling resource for traditionalist Catholic parents. Instead of being brainwashed by Marxist teachers, your kid will learn that - babies go to hell if they aren't baptized, which is why Satan loves abortion. Masturbation is a mortal sin and leads young men to other "unnatural lusts" like homosexuality. Homosexual orientation is the result of demonic possession, and only "faithless liberals" who don't understand the supernatural world believe otherwise. Having sex with your wife while she is on her period is as "evil" as contraception, since it's an attempt to avoid having a child. It's a sin to attend the funeral of your relatives if they aren't a traditional Catholic. People who believe the Sun is the center of the solar system may be mortal sinners, since Galileo was condemned as a heretic by the Catholic Church. And let's not forget that the Holocaust was a Zionist hoax meant to silence criticism of Israel.
10Ben Stein thinks that Dominique Strauss-Kahn is being treated poorly.
11Plagiarism? In Wegman? No gross hypocrisy to see here. Move along.
12Skeptics Guide to the Universe's blog goes down. Because God willed it so.
18The Texas Education Agency appointed a bunch of Creationists to their science review panel. Good job, guys!
8A "Sovereign Citizen" (J.M Sovereign Godsent) explains the movement in a quick on air segment.
1Uh, cool story bro?
12NASA caused the Mississippi floods! Using its giant rocket engine test stand weather control machine! And they admit that they are creating rain clouds!(videos at YouTube, the usual warning about the comments applies)
13The Roswell incident was apparently the result of Stalin trying to throw the US into panic by sending a prototype jet full of deformed children. Created by Dr. Mengele.
9Ann Althouse suspects a liberal conspiracy to take down her blog, Andy-style. Balloon Juice notes the obvious explanation.
14A student was doing poorly in school. His teacher decided to go the extra mile and ask why, and they managed to get him back on track. Therefore, obviously, with respect to education, the Obama administration is talking bunk and efforts to improve teacher performance are not effective.
9A protip for Tim Ball: Don't continuously use a plagiarized, non-peer reviewed report as "evidence."
11Dana Ullman is very angry with the "medical fundamentalists."
10Time puts a red X over Osama's face. Racists!
6Let Quantum Woo Officiate your Wedding
4Remember Godlike Productions' owner desire to build an observatory? It's getting finished, as this video tour shows.
8The coal industry cares about kids with asthma. Really, Coal Cares. And those "clean" energy sources are no better than coal. In case you can't tell, it's a parody by the Yes Men.
13Try the Alex Jones quote generator
0Be careful when giving your children books with animal characters; a sinister conspiracy of publishers are using them as a secret conduit for subliminal "gendered messages."
221911: Joe Hill sings, "If you ... try to get something good in this life, you're a sinner, a bad man, they tell." 2011: Right-wingers have ditched that chatter and are now yammering about evil fringe leftists who champion the virtues of frugal living and other "pagan" nonsense, such as global warming.
25Oh great, it is ineligibility week over at WND!
13This one's a bit late (sorry!), but a senior editor at a newspaper owned by some of User 188's favourite people, thinks President Obama should have either flown the SEALs to the compound or gone to church instead of playing golf before the raid that killed Osama/Usama.
6There is a movement to repurpose Mother's Day as "Mama's Day" so as to agitate for the honoring of "overlooked" mothers, such as young ones; the sole arbiters of who gets honored on Mother's Day being of course "right-wing conservatives" and Hallmark Cards, with no one allowed to honor anyone else, even their own mother.
12Every single ex­cuse that Cheney/­Bush pro­vided to the American peo­ple for in­vad­ing Afghanis­tan proved to be false. (Except the one — conveniently not mentioned — about the Taliban admitting Osama bin Laden was in the country but refusing to hand him over.)
16An insight into the minds of the WND title editors: Bitches is not allowed (except in huge gold letters). Fart is not allowed (RIP Carlin). Juvenile masturbation joke? That is cool.
17The American Family Association buys porn on line too um, ..., show you how you can buy porn online.
14Mike Adams shatters some irony meters by penning a column called The Gullible Mind.
9We did not have to invade and occupy Pakistan to catch Osama bin Laden, so whyever did we have to occupy Afghanistan? Could it possibly be because Afghanistan, unlike Pakistan, was under a government that would not let Americans in to hunt for him? No, that's clearly too obvious an answer.
3Prof. Henry A. Giroux: The idea that "there are no alternatives to a hyper-market-driven society" has been largely unchallenged. Oh, if only that were true.
33Dana Ullman: "Skeptics of homeopathy cannot answer: what are the CHEMICAL differences between an empty CD and one full of data or music?"
9Dublin, 11th June: The Masterplan: The Hidden Agenda For A Global Scientific Dictatorship! Featuring Richard Gage, Andrew Wakefield and, er, Jim Corr. Not the one from The Corrs. Update: Poor Jim, he really got screwed over by the laws of genetics/inheritance; not only did his sisters get all the looks, they seem to have received all the brains too!
15Pamela Geller: The order to kill Osama was actually the result of a coup within the White House.
18Shocking! The Bible doesn't mention Easter eggs! And WND can sell you the book that proves this!
14The real Antichrist - Gordon Brown!
12Infowars truthers "expose" the "truth" about Osama and harass Geraldo Rivera.
-18It is "xenop­hobic" to display an American flag or cheer the U.S. in the course of celebration.
14Experts Psychics predict wave of terror attacks in the wake of Osama's death.
14Chuck Norris is launching an "expose" of "creeping Sharia."
19Silly sheeple, Osama died in 2001. This is just a hoax to start all-out war with the Middle East.
18Fox News: Osama bin Laden is dead. Oh, the never retracted story is dated December 26, 2001.
19Vox Day: Uh-oh! Obama's birth certificate says his father is "African," but we called them "Negroes" back then.
9Stephen Harper has dictatorial aspirations, meaning that if he wins the Canadian election, Americans will have nowhere to flee when—not if—the Tea Party stages a coup.