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February 2012[edit]

19What "skeptics" really believe.
23Microwaves destroy the DNA in water.
10Birds of a feather flock together
9"WAH! They're taking over our 'Murcan Internet! With their black helicopters and NWO!" Classic Fucks News trolling. The comments thread is excellent.
9NaturalNews tells you how to avoid getting scammed. Er, what?
4I don't see how I could possibly snark this one up, but you go ahead and try.
7Okay, I admit there's a lot of disgusting things in the Bible. But that's the reason why God's such an asshole back to us. His punishment means that he really cares for our existence, right? Right?
7Shorter VDARE: Why aren't our politicians more racist?!
7You use facebook, therefore you should be cool with the Government snooping on you without a warrant.
7Reds Mormons under the bed!
14Shorter Rick Santorum: Obamahitler.
10The Fox News graphics department demonstrates their failing of basic graphing techniques yet again.
0Why Microsoft is slowly dying.
4Wondering what to give up for Lent? Men, you can start with your overtime, stress and computers, women stop your gossiping about shoes!
25The Telegraph has a bit of a pop at Richard Dawkins for having slave-owning ancestors. (Dawkins' blog on the subject)
10Don't forget the Nibiru flyby in December 2012
16True Activist: "Science is now beginning to recognize that living things are not just structures made of molecules; they are composed of a vibrating energy field that exchanges information within and around the body. " NOPE.
7A clog courtesy of a tweet by Jim Al-Khalili: The only argument made by the Grauniad's anti-nuclear greens is to say Fukushima in every sentence.
10Get your daily dose of quackery in musical form: Mike Adams releases a music video.
15Contraception on the cheap: Put an aspirin between your knees to make sure you keep your legs closed.
16Tennessee lawmaker: "Don't let your kids watch Modern Family, so they won't learn about teh gheyz."
37OMFG, Richard Dawkins can't remember the full title of On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, therefore God.
16As the irony meter explodes once again, Andrew Breitbart confirms (again) that he is completely fucking insane.
9Niall Ferguson: Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran!
16Liz Trotta: Women in the military should expect to be raped.
13Okay, so maybe all these Twitter users are just into a bit of heavy S&M. Update: If you thought that was bad...
22A series of cute cartoons thoroughly showing how Darwin was wrong.
8All the pyramid woo you'll ever need.
5George Will on the importance of fathers...or something?
15A journalist (sic) at the Calgary Herald editorializes about the link between abortion and breast cancer...by citing the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons as a credible source.
15Wikipedia's page of quotes from scientists opposing global warming is little more than a playground for cranks to put up anti-global warming arguments. It's up for deletion for the fifth time, but the crazy global warming deniers are already out in force. Will Wikipedia finally grow a brain and delete it?
2And this is why mobocracy doesn't work. We again applaud Stephen Harper for moving a once-fabled country into the Stone Age.
-5Prof. Henry A. Giroux puts forth an article entitled "Book Burning in Arizona," in which he discusses everything except book burning in Arizona (including Nazi book burnings).
13Ignorant Fucktard: JC Penny hiring Ellen DeGeneres will kill women!
22Sean Hannity: "Obama didn't really want Bin Laden dead...'
6"Parents divided on controversial daycare report" By 'controversial', they mean 'bullshit'.
14"Global warming is nothing but a ruse to create a massive global bureaucracy that will rule the world with impunity...
3The Daily Mail: 5% of Britons claim to have been to the Temple of Artemis, but they are obviously deranged, as the temple was destroyed in the 3rd century and its ruins are now a tourist attraction.
-15A professor in China, writing incognito lest he be arrested, opines that China has recently become a fascist country. Of course, most of the policies that he cites to support this hypothesis were put in place under Mao or beforehand, but who cares about details like that?
-13The folks at Susan G. Komen for the Cure are not going to get much sleep for a while: besides all the wingnut slop, they now face condemnation for "commodifying breasts and breast cancer" by making breast cancer advocacy an apolitical matter rather than a feminist pet-peeve.
16Someone must be doing something right if Karl Rove is offended.
10"Newt's second opponent is the mainstream media", says Chuck Norris as he delivers a roundhouse to Romney's head. Yet in the same article, he argues that Newt's first opponent is Mitt Romney's well-funded campaign, quoting a Washington Post exposé on Romney's billionaire "supporters". Logical consistency fail right there, Chuck.
16"Thousands of Iranian women train to be ninjas." Sometimes these headlines just write themselves.
18The birther reaction we expected: Thanks A Lot Georgia, For Shredding Our Constitution!
5Australia is a colony of the U.S., and Gough Whitlam was dismissed for attempting to declare Australia's independence. Similarly, the downfall of Kevin Rudd was arranged by the CIA.
7Afghanistan was an "ally" of the Soviets during Operation Cyclone, rather than being under Soviet occupation. Yugoslavia committed no genocide in Kosovo. Everyone who presently opposes the Syrian regime is a U.S. lackey. And things in Syria are just dandy.
-2If you are a Star Wars fan, prepare to cringe.
7WIGO:Fox News?
5Who do conservative lonely hearts turn to for advice? Chuck Norris, of course.
4It is ludicrous to suggest that immigrants are stealing jobs away from Americans, except when one can assign blame for the "job theft" to corporate nasties instead of the immigrants.
29Where do I even start with this one? Homeschooled Maryland fourteen year old wants her state to vote no on gay marriage for her birthday. Yes, let's celebrate one spoiled teenaged brat's mom's choice to not abort her daughter by restricting the rights of a significant portion of the population.