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November 2010[edit]

9Does this qualify as fellatio? Joe Lieberman tells Don Imus that whatever Rupert Murdoch owns is his favorite. (And, yes, it seems that he'll still be caucusing with the Democrats in the next Congress.)
18Are YOU male? Are YOU female? Do YOU like things? Do YOU buy stuff? Why not see how YOUR money goes to helping politicians? Want more? Come back after this news story.
17This is why net neutrality is important: The cable bastards Comcast wants to charge extra for the company that provides bandwidth to Netflix.
15The American Civil War is being re-branded by many Southern states before the anniversary celebration to be about "States Rights". Many are playing down, or down right ignoring, anything to do with buying and selling human beings. What is publicly emphasized is their fight in order to protect their freedom and independence from invasion from the warring North.
14Time magazine: Pity poor Leif Ericsson, who is so marginalized that he doesn't even have a commemorative holiday! To which we can only reply: It looks like Time's research department might be a little underfunded.
19The Russian parliament, after 70 years, admits that Stalin was responsible for the Katyn massacre. Russian Communist Party legislators bawl like babies at the prospect of blaming St. Stalin for anything.
14Irvin Kershner, director of the best Star Wars film ever, dies at the age of 87.
20Wikileaks irritates the establishment yet again. US diplomats are presumably having the time of their lives.
18Pakistani court prevents their President from pardoning a Christian mother, who was sentenced to death for insulting Islam. Original story here.
23Comic legend Leslie Nielsen dies. Surely he will be missed.
35Fox passes off an Onion article on Obama as the real thing. Hilarity ensues. Also noteworthy is the fact that instead of admitting to their gaffe, Fox simply memory holed the article and it's related comments.
11With the economy still in shaky condition, some mainline Republicans are worried that their incoming hard-right colleagues may be more concerned with social issues than with the economy. Or as one newbie put it, "We're not going to spend the next 18 months doing nothing but economic issues."
7Forty celebrities who are Republicans, including a few that might surprise you. No! Not Buffy!
8After her infamous N-word rant, Dr. Laura said she was quitting radio so she could "regain her First Amendment rights." At the time, people were puzzled by this seemingly incongruous statement. Now we know what she really meant. (And now a bit of speculation: Was her rant an intentional means of breaking her old contract so she could sign this no-doubt lucrative "pro-freedom of speech" contract?)
22Southern Poverty Law Center has named American Family Association and Family Research Council as hate groups.
14Barbara Bush: Palin should stay in Alaska. Palin: Oh, it's on, bitch! You betcha!
7Damage control ahead of next WikiLeaks document release. No news yet as to what trumped-up charges against the founder will be included.
7Fall-out from the "Ground Zero Mosque" debacle claims collateral damage.
14Facebook is going to destroy marriage, but threesomes are fine
9As Cornish Blue wins the top prize at the World Cheese Awards we learn that Britain now has more varieties of cheese than France. Perhaps that is why the UK is becoming ungovernable?
15Oxygen scooped from Rhea.
25"We've got to stand with our North Korean allies." Sarah Palin, political genius.
13Somewhere, over the rainbow (of terror).... it's the end of the colour-coded craziness from the DHS.
5You know, it's just so damned rare to run across an argument quite as delicious as this. Theocratic dictatorship angered by Communist dictatorship's ordination of a priest without their permission. Ouch.
13Tom DeLay guilty of money laundering. Naughty boy.
6Political spacecraft design: "My purpose in calling this meeting was to explain in no uncertain terms the Utah congressional delegation’s interest in ensuring that Utah’s solid rocket motor industry is protected." Hat tip
5Throw in some striking miners and it would be the '80s all over again (although we'd have to import the miners from Poland along with our coal). A second week of national student protests with more violence in London.
5Barbara Bush to Sarah Palin:Stay in Alaska. It's possible that Lisa Murkowski might have the opposite message for the former half-term governor who so enthusiastically backed her.
14Dear voters of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire; why the hell did you vote for this cunt‽
5Homes in Germany which opt out of Google Street View are being vandalised. No, really.
9The UK braces for an outbreak of global warming denial an early cold snap.
15What happened when I went undercover at a Christian Gay-to-Straight Conversion Camp.
13Another Catholic priest child sexual abuse scandal, but with a twist. This priest attempted to hire a hitman to kill his teenaged accuser.
12In an exercise of psychological projection, a group of Armenian Genocide deniers threaten to sue the University of Minnesota for "violation of free speech" because a professor said their website was "unreliable."
7Hello, there! I'm a member of a deposed evil theocratic government, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in buying the Brooklyn Bridge.
7Pope Benedict XVI expands on his earlier ruling on condoms: They're OK for disease control only. Oh, and just to be clear, it's OK if women use them too.
11The Korean War redux? After 57 years, 3 months and 27 days, it seems that the cease-fire has ended.
15Will Sarah Palin let herself be interviewed again by the journalist who showed her up to be a bubble-headed moron? You betcha life not!
8They laughed and told me I was mad, mad they said, to spend $100,000 buying an asteroid that wasn't real... but who's laughing now, bitch!
1Southern Poverty Law Center report: Farm workers ought to have the same rights as other workers. Of course, even exploitation can be exploited: When you eat your Thanksgiving turkey, remember that you're worthless capitalist pigs who aren't fit to lick criminals' boots.
5That noted socialist magazine, In These Times, makes an unusually open statement about its readership: they are of the demographic that employs those poor oppressed immigrants as nannies, cleaning ladies, and groundskeepers.
9Chinese woman makes the wrong sort of tweet, gets sent to the gulag for a year.
14Warren Buffett says that trickle down economics doesn't work and that he wants his taxes raised.
18The Pope changes his mind, Condoms are okay now, but only in certain cases such as being a homosexual prostitute. More details to come on Tuesday.
10 So, now we know the real reason why ducks fly
929 miners trapped after an explosion in a New Zealand coal mine.
6Extragalactic planet spotted around a wandering star. Or as the Daily Fail would no doubt put it: ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT BENEFIT CHEAT FOUND IN BACKGARDEN
16Sarah Palin: "How dare someone exploit their sudden, undeserved fame!"
4As I was saying on Pharyngula the other day - don't use the word spastic, it's a hideously offensive term in the UK. Shame Hasbro wasn't listening.
6Turkish oil wresting is a homo-erotic sport worldwide cultural treasure.
17A momentous day in history. Future generations will look back and see the exact time when Fox News hits rock bottom.
19OMG, A mosque! A dirty filthy mosque! Stand together folks, fight off this menace, we will not be.... Oh wait, that's just a Christian Church with a domed roof. Never Mind.
8Man sees Bristol Palin on TV. Man takes a shotgun to said TV. Man then requires a SWAT team to calm him down.
14The Tea Party made a blunder: thinking it had things in the bag in the Alaska senatorial election, it forgot to run a sufficiently vitriolic smear-campaign. Lisa Murkowski wins the first successful write-in campaign in over 50 years.
23Government by the rich, damned by birth to an incapacity to do anything to help the poor. Half of Congress are millionaires.
18Anti-matter caught for the first time. You try and come up with a punchline for that.
9The ConDem government of the United Kingdom speaks out against net neutrality.
15Unemployed English Girl to Wed Soldier from Welfare Family!
11 Liberal censorship strikes again! Those dirty leftists at PBS edited out Tina Fey's remarks about Sarah Palin! Oh, wait. It was an anti-Palin joke? Nevermind.
11Who cares what the military leadership says? Sarah Palin (and friends) want their nukes, you betcha!
-4 Finally!
8Awww, ain't that pretty. Is it a boy or a girl? 'Baby' black hole causes mass reduction in bible reading.
13Rush Limbaugh ripped into a "stupid babe" for writing an article insufficiently condemning of Obama. Problem? The "babe" is a man.
22One of the right wingers elected to the next Congress is an anesthesiologist who vowed during the campaign to repeal the new health care law. (No doubt "Obamacare" -- or is it "Pelosicare"? -- would cut into his salary.) During an orientation meeting, the newcomers were informed that their publicly funded Congressional health care package won't kick in until 28 days after they are sworn in. Can you guess what his reaction was to that bit of information? Fortunately for him, the COBRA law -- which his party has also recently used as a political football -- will allow him to keep his current health care benefits until his new coverage takes effect.
14Another megachurch preacher exits the fabled closet. And he wasn't even caught with a rent-boy first.
11Minnesota's military-grocery-industrial complex: the army is sustained by the best gas-station food money can buy. We have come a long way from when the ration people just picked it up from Witt's Grocery downtown.
12Congratulations to Sarah Palin. "Refudiate" was named the OED's "Word of the Year".
9If you're a South American drug kingpin and you're having trouble moving your product to Europe, what do you do? Build your own ersatz cargo airline!
7If you read this, would you electrocute yourself? Information gets turned to energy.
13Are the CIA using pirated software in their UMV's?
13Oklahoma death penalty: "We're going to kill you like dogs."
16Suffer the little children. Catholic priest caught with 21,000 child-porn images on his pc.
14One amazing woman walks free. But for how long?
12Dubya's memoir 3: It's one thing when famous people have ghost writers write their memoirs. But only a special breed of sociopath would also plagiarize content from other writers for his memoirs.
4In their ongoing attempt to take over the world internet, Facebook get ready to announce their new email service.
11Guess who opposes Don't Ask Don't Tell?
8I'd like to buy a letter of admonition please Pat.
10With a title like The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover's Code of Conduct, you'd think that Amazon.com would've rejected this self-published Kindle title before it reached #96 on its download list.
4To all you Wiki editors out there: You too can win the top French literary prize; all you have to do is rip off Wikipedia.
3The people of the website "TreeHugger," taking a break from hugging trees, are now cheering on as many are chopped down to build the world's tallest wood building. They praise wood as "naturally renewable," "high strength," "low weight," and "highly combustible" (okay, we put that last one in there).
33Even George W. Bush thinks Sarah Palin is unqualified for public office.
-6People in the U.K. will now have to work for a living.
9A study says that American creativity may be in decline. (Also, some scientists think that gravity might tend to make things move downwards on occasion.)
9Dear Stu, my name is Tucker Carlson, but I want you to think I'm really Keith Olbermann, and I'd just like to say that my boss is a complete shithead and I hate him.
9Italian woman who "thought about an affair" gets nothing in marriage annulment case. Don't expect the same to apply to Italian men.
9Student protests in London begin to go awry.
7Dubya's memoir 2: Jesus Holy Fucking Christ!!! This would make Oedipus' and Jocasta's jaws drop!
12Dubya's memoir 1: He claims that waterboarding foiled terrorist attacks on Heathrow and Canary Wharf. The Brits respond: Not so, guv.
6The UK Government pledged to scrap ID cards - but as they start the process of deleting it, it turns out that fdisk just isn't enough.
7Mystery missile launches off the coast of California. Rumours of it involving Sean Connery, an elaborate underwater lair, a man stroking a white cat or US Aiways flight 808 from Hawaii to Phoenix Hat tip are considered greatly exaggerated.
25...and the universe is still here.
17Michigan assistant Attorney General fired for targeting gay student leader.
12Pope calls his cardinals to Rome for sex-abuse summit. Do I hear the stable door being shut?
17A financial manager for wealthy clients will not face felony charges for a hit-and-run because it could jeopardize his job.
24Man Dressed As Jesus Kicked Out Of Church
1September's earthquake in the south of New Zealand shakes the dead awake
0Pointless old relic opens pointless old relic.
2"Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them." - Jesus, as quoted in Matthew, chapter 6. Pretty sure a 106 foot statue with a crown of gold counts as a public display. Just saying
4Pope warns of "aggressive" anti-clericism in Spain. Maybe it's to make up for the aggressive pro-Catholicism in Spain during the 1400s.
4Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition anti-Pope protests.
1MSNBC host Keith Olbermann makes contributions to Democrats in violation of network policy; gets suspended indefinitely without pay. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough makes contributions to Republicans in violation of network policy; crickets chirp.
4"No Clive, just…no." The C5 is back bigger and better than ever, not much different to what it was before.
5"…out of their gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind shall see". But solely through the efforts of science and an implanted chip.
9Vote for me or I'll pop a cap in yo ass. Mugabe decides to add rap to his list of crimes.
13Why the UK doesn't see attack-ads. Former Home Office Minister Phil Woolas is suspended from the Labour Party, barred from being an MP for three years and sees his seat go to a bye-election, all because of the way he smeared his opponent during the general election.
-12PARIS' photos are unleashed upon the world. More (a lot more) about PARIS can be found here.
-10Surf's up, dude. From one participant's point of view, quite literally.
-13Point after touchdown, and definitely the two point variety. (Warning: Might be NSFW, Depends how much of a zealot your employers are.)
10Sarah Palin, to the reality show crew she allowed to film her every move: "Loss of privacy stinks, you betcha!"
9If Obama is going to be assassinated on his Asian tour, it won't be by coconut, that's for sure!
6Not a Cyberman in sight, but Europeans want the right to be deleted.
16The anti-science mob are so predictable, you can use a chatbot to put them down.
-2Hartley 2 poses nude. But don't worry, it is SFW. (More pictures and some video at NASA and EPOXI's website.)
12What do you if you win over $11M (Canadian) in the lottery? Give it all away.
9The Republicans are now learning the downside of pandering to kooks.
14"Did somebody just try to buy the British government?"
6Popular election of judges: maybe not such a good idea.
3Your kids will meditate in school!
11Was it 9/11? No, although I'd've liked to finish reading My Pet Goat. Was it not finding any Weapons of Mass Destruction? Nope. Hurricane Katrina? Uh-uh. The soaring deficits, banking crisis and financial collapse after eight years of deregulation and wartime tax cuts? Oh, please. Almost choking to death on a pretzel? Close, but no cigar. So what does Dubya consider to be the worst moment of his presidency? Being called a racist by Kanye West. As Sharron Angle would say: Man up, George.
12I would say: "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope," but I've been beaten to it. Over and over again.
10Virgin birth; and it's a load of serpents.
9Neanderthals? Buncha sluts.
11Is the American dream over?
29Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell are defeated in their quest to restore insanity to Washington.
9Memo from the corporatist GOP to those corporations who broke lockstep with us helped Obama and the Democrats over the last two years: We are vindictive as hell, and we don't easily forget or forgive.
15Water shortages are only a 3rd World problem, right? Wrong.
1Next thing you know, you'll be going down to Kinko's and printing yourself an open-source car.
27Brazil elects its first female president, leftist, pro-choice, former guerrilla member and former marxist militant Dilma Rousseff. God help Brazil.
13A new paper by David Nutt suggests that alcohol is the most harmful drug when social effects are taken into account (As reported in The Lancet)