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If you look at NASA basically it’s infiltrated by three powerful secret societies that are the freemasons, the Nazis and what I call magicians who are basically followers of [unintelligible] Aleister Crowley of JPL.

Gaia Inc., formerly Gaiam, is a video streaming platform which specializes in all nature of woo and bullshit, ranging from psychic crystal powers to cryptozoology and fluoride conspiracies, as well as offering yoga videos. Essentially, they are a streaming platform for "digital new age nonsense".[2] Their YouTube account has in excess of 526,000 subscribers,[3] while their Facebook page has over 3,000,000 followers.[4] They also have an app, endorsed by their brand ambassador, the former Disney actor and pop star Demi Lovato.Wikipedia[5]


Jirka Rysavy founded Gaia (then known as Gaiam) in 1988. Originally focused on ecologically sustainable products such as recycled material and eco-friendly cleaners, in 1998 Gaiam bought two business dedicated to yoga and other "healing arts" videos. At this point, Gaiam begin focusing on the yoga market, developing not just yoga videos but yoga apparel and equipment.[6] In 2011, Gaiam launched a streaming service, called "Gaiam TV", dedicated to "Lifestyles of Health And Sustainability" and "Conscious Media" markets.[7] In 2015, Gaiam spun off this streaming service in order for Gaiam to focus on the yoga market. This streaming service was renamed "Gaia".[8]

General Bullshit[edit]

Gaia seems to take pride in the amount of bullshit they can spew on every conceivable topic. Thankfully for the wallets of those people who don't want to spend money in the company of suckers, Gaia has curated the most potent bullshit into a playlist of short segments, available on their YouTube channel.

This playlist includes gems such as a video which asserts that the placebo effect is magic and that the reason that placebos aren't a valid form of medicine in and of themselves is because it would be bad for Big Pharma's profit margins.[9] Also included is some past lives crap, which not only asserts that past lives are real and can be remembered, but that reincarnation is a topic being seriously researched by scientists of any pedigree.[10][note 1] Other topics mentioned are "animal guardians",[11] the concept of "starseeds",[12] and an appalling video on quantum consciousness, (of course, featuring the wonderful words of Ervin Laszlo) which flat-out claims that there is no evidence for consciousness being the product of naturalistic processes.[13]

Even the CEO of Gaia himself directed an obnoxious piece of quackery called "Secret of Water" in 2015 that investigated, among other nonsense, "whether the form of water crystals indicates their health and happiness by playing classical music for water and recording how the crystals change shape."[14] Basically, this is a riff off the kind of water woo promoted by the late Masaru Emoto and other kinds of bunk, such as water memory.

In addition to Youtube videos and their premium subscription streaming services, Gaia's website has articles that continue along the same bullshit path. A month's selection of articles published by the site contains articles promoting audio woo,[15][16] near death experience woo,[17] color woo,[18] 5G woo,[19] Freemason woo,[20] ancient astronauts woo,[21] crystal woo,[22] UFO woo,[23][24][25] prophecy woo,[26] telepathy woo,[27] cryptozoology woo,[28] feng shui woo,[29] psychedelic drug woo,[30] and, of course, general anti-government conspiracy woo.[31] Gaia appears to be aiming to be the definitive resource on the Internet for those who like their yoga and meditation mixed with unhealthy doses of anti-institutional paranoia and the most "far out" New Age mysticism bullshit you can think of.

To no great surprise, there are links between some of Gaia's programming and other pseudoscience programs or personnel, such as Ancient Aliens or David Wilcock.[32] [33]

On the flip side, Alfred Webre believes that if one purchases Gaia products, their homestead will be subject to "DEW directed energy weapons" from "malevolent corporate or nation state actor[s]", causing them "severe trauma and health damage."[34] Buyer beware!

Cryptozoologic Bullshit[edit]

As mentioned before, Gaia also talks about cryptozoologic bullshit, including the idea that as yet undiscovered cryptids shift themselves along the scale of electromagnetic radiation, and that's why we have yet to discover Bigfoot.[note 2][35] Aliens are also a common topic, with two separate videos in one playlist about UFOs as they relate to aliens.[36][37]

In a nutshell[edit]


  1. The most notable person who has investigated reincarnation, and believed it to be an actual postulate worthy of considering, is Ian Stevenson -- whose conclusions have been highly criticized. Generally speaking, the scientific consensus more aligns with the viewpoint of other researchers, such as philosopher Paul Edwards, that reincarnation is an irrational belief that is best approached via religious-oriented sociology, not as an actual scientific explanation for anything.
  2. Yes, this is seriously something believed by people. I wish I was joking.


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