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Strange Mysteries is a YouTube channel run by Nathan Latvaitis[1][2] that promotes pseudoscience via clickbait.

As of June 2021, the channel had a little over 2 million subscribers and 235 million views.[3]


Hallucinations as enlightenment[edit]

Discussing mind-altering chemicals (particularly Ayahuasca):[4]

Reality, consciousness, brains, what else is there? Ask yourself that question. Perhaps that's all there really is. But perhaps everything else is found within a place where these ideas, these things overlap. Some things, some place that is undefinable. To many people, altering certain chemicals in their brains produces what they would simply call "hallucinations". In fact, what we're going to discuss specifically used to be called the "Businessman's Trip", as one could enjoy it, come down, and put your pants back on in the time it takes to eat lunch. It wasn't taken seriously, unless of course you started digging. And some people, including us, did. Already though, to many, this chemical is special amongst others. Very special. To them it represents something more meaningful and incredible, as if it's the gateway to the next level of consciousness, the ticket to a higher reality barely explored by most humans. It is the entry point to a new reality visited only by a select few whose minds have become enlightened through the use of this exotic substance. For this reason, it's commonly referred to as the "spirit molecule".

Ancient aliens[edit]

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  • More advanced civilizations predate our own[6]
  • Historical records are sparse and hard to interpret Ancient civilizations were mysterious and their descendants are among us![7]
  • Various nonsense about the Egyptians, including the Ancient Egyptian race controversy.[8]


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  • In the video "5 Planets That Shouldn't Exist", literally every planet is explained by conventional physics[12]
  • UFO hunters might be being killed off.[13]

Conspiracy theories[edit]

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  10. Similarities in Afterlife Myths ACROSS Civilizations?: "Human beings have a limited time here on Earth in almost every religion and every myth with creation at its heart, there exist one or more supreme beings, and whether they're immortal hammer gods or sexy water goddesses, they all have one thing in common - they are better than you. And with afterlife myths this goes even further, because not only did they build you and create all that you know, but they also get to decide on where you go when you die. God was a pretty heavy topic to open with, so let's take a look at something simpler - fire. The idea of burning for all eternity in a world of fiery pits is commonly attributed to the Christian idea of Hell, but for some reason fire seems to play a role in many different after life myths, despite it being somewhat essential for cultured human beings to exist. We use fire to cook toast, to heat our homes, to light our reefers, but if you see flames after you've died, you're almost certainly in a really bad place. Another bizarre similarity between many different myths and religions is the idea that the good afterlife is located somewhere high up in the sky, whereas the bad people are sent deep underground to somewhere dark and terrible. Obviously this may have something to do with the fact that underground caves are dark and occasionally terrible, and clouds are super-duper pretty, but is this enough to explain the sheer number of religions who have adopted this idea? The Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism believe that humans are judged based on their actions during life, after which they'll be sent to an afterlife which represents their moral purity. If you've kept your wiener clean, wore a hat on Thursdays or done whatever other crazy business your god asked of you, you'll go to the good kind of afterlife. And if not you'll go somewhere bad, forever. In both Aztec and Norse religions, the dead move on to either a world of endless war or paradise, depending on the whims of their god or whether they died in battle. Vikings believed that half of those killed in combat would continue to fight alongside Odin after death, whereas the others get to sit in a field and get drunk with the goddess Freyja; but there's no indication that Norse mythology used morals to determine which afterlife you got. And what's even more bizarre is that anyone who died from boring stuff like sickness or old age would head off to Hel - that's Hel with one L - for an eternity of dreariness and drudgery."
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  12. 5 Planets That Shouldn't Exist: "There are many strange things we do not understand about our universe, with black holes, dark matter and a whole bunch of weird sights and sounds out there that we just can't figure out.TrES-2b is what space scientists call a Hot Jupiter, and this isn't because they like zit-shaming our local gas giant with its unsightly red spot. Since everything that exists in our universe is thought to have been created inside a star, you may think this entry sounds a little pointless. If diamonds are a girl's best friend then we'd better start shipping our ladies off to 55 Cancri e, because this world which is 40 light years away is comprised of[sic] so much diamond that if you mined them all you'd own 26.9 nonillion dollars-worth of shiny rappers' delight. Wasp 18b reminds me a lot of Hugh Hefner. Ever since Pluto was cruelly dropped to the bench it's seemed like we've been one planet short of a solar system, which sounds like a particularly cruel way of describing Kanye West right now."
  14. 7 Dangerous Cults That Still Exist Today: "The Bilderberg Group, The Freemasons, The Mickey Mouse Club - when it comes to bizarre and perverse practices, these are the secret societies most people think of almost immediately. Ordo Templi Orientis or Order of the Temple of the East is a secret religious society which began in a similar fashion to the Freemasons.When you think of the word Hashshashin what kind of image does it conjure up? Formed in 270 BC by Indian King Ashoka of the Maurya dynasty, this secret society contained only nine men, but was believed by some to be one of the most powerful groups in the world. Have you ever experienced that weird feeling you get when you suddenly learn a new word or phrase, then you can't stop seeing it everywhere for days, weeks or even months afterwards? This British society was basically a club for 19th Century horse whisperers, with its members required to be employed in the care of horses, to keep the secrets of handling horses, and be willing to shake hands with the devil during the group's acceptance ritual. Remember that Indian group with only nine members? Well the Giga Society is even more exclusive, consisting of just six or seven members in total, depending on which randomly Googled source you'd like me to believe. The Skoptsy are by far the most gruesome secret society on this list, as rather than celebrating human sexuality like Aleister Crowley and his pals, this brutal Russian sect would castrate men and mastectomise women in the belief that genitals and breasts were sinful."
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