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And here, everyone, are the arachnophobic powers that be.
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Sheeple wakers
We had jazz concert. We had rope trick. This morning we went bird-watching.
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That’s where all those rich Republicans go up and stand naked against redwood trees, right?
Bill Clinton
It is the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine.
Richard Nixon

The Bohemian Club is a male-only exclusive private club north of San Francisco, California. Every year in mid-July the it hosts a three week encampment at what is known as the Bohemian Grove, that is attended by some of the most powerful people in the world. Naturally this has attracted lots of speculation of what is going on there; because when rich people meet, it's obviously evil. People attending are discouraged from talking shop, but it invariably happens.


Alex Jones is convinced that there are satanic gay rituals that go down when all the rich people get together,[1] because they burn an effigy in a ceremony called the Cremation of Care. The "ceremony" is narrated by Walter Cronkite from speakers inside a giant owl. Naturally Alex Jones thinks all of this is very evil and horrible things must be happening, despite the fact he literally walked in without trouble one year to watch the ceremony. Conspiracy theorist Mark Dice claims that the idea of the nuclear bomb was first conceived at the Grove (a planning meeting for the S-1 Executive CommitteeWikipedia, which coordinated early research that laid the groundwork for the Manhattan Project, did indeed take place at the Bohemian Grove on September 13, 1942[2], but that is a small footnote in the Manhattan Project timelineWikipedia) and also claims that one can obtain a "PhD in Bohemian Grove Studies" by watching a couple of his flawless YouTube videos.[3] In 2012, Dice, Jones, Cindy Sheehan and numerous other Truthers actually traveled to the Bohemian Grove to protest against the meeting and to wake up the sheeple.[4] On top of this, many, many videos exist of Satanic rituals caught on camera in the Bohemian Grove.[5] That must be an easy place to sneak into, isn't it?


The Cremation of Care is thought to more symbolize the participants burning away their worries for the next few weeks. Most of the people there have vast responsibilities, and they get to party it up for three weeks without anyone watching. The owl symbolizes knowledge, from the goddess Athena most likely. Even the very word "bohemian" adds to this.

Philip Weiss, writer for the satirical (yet occasionally investigative) Spy magazine, managed to infiltrate the Bohemian Grove in 1989.[6] He mainly came to the impression that the festivity was similar to a camping trip among men, but with very important people in attendance who are allowed the rare liberty of not having to act statesman-like or wield their burdensome political/economical powers for a short while, instead engaging in encouraged idleness or in acts of rowdiness like publicly urinating near a tree, beer in hand, despite a sign warning: "Gentlemen please! No pee pee here!" and while listening to a piano valeted by a artist-hireling situated somewhere to lighten up the grove with the distant sound of some sweet serenades. Many attendants likened the Bohemian Grove experience to "having great sex."


Bohemian Grove has also been criticised for sexism on account of its "no girls allowed" philosophy, with Sonoma County debating whether they should provide security for a boys' club or enforce its sexist rules. In an entertaining letter, Supervisor Lynda Hopkins criticised a policy which allows women as workers and men who have mothers, but prohibits women as equal participants:

Which is exactly why it is so hard to get into politics as a woman. Because politics are still dominated by men, and women are less likely to be mentored by men, because we’re less likely to golf, hang out in men’s circles or be part of men’s clubs. We weren’t part of your frat. We’re not bros. Which is also why the Grove has always bothered me. Because it IS the “hegemon,” and it ISN’T an “anachronism.” The Grove is how the world of politics continues to function today.

However, she conceded that it "sounds like West County Burning Man, and I can understand the appeal."[7]


See the main article on this topic: Cross-dressing

A consequence of the Grove being closed to women members and the annual performance of member-acted, -written and -directed plays is that there is inevitably drag performance.

Now there’s a scene with the Queen, and admittedly this is a very sensitive situation. It’s a man in drag, and everybody knows it, and one giggle or snicker or, God help us, one forgetful on-stage scratching of the balls, and it’s all over. Anybody who’s been around past plays or rehearsals, involved in weaving this illusion, knows just how frail it is. A bunch of actors are standing around in costume, just [bullshitting] between run-throughs, a couple of Indians, a pikeman, and a guy in a dress, standing and leaning the way men do, and then the guy in the dress grimaces and reaches down and scratches himself and—blooey!—the whole fantasy, not just his performance but the believability of the whole show, is gone, and everything suddenly becomes campy, a big put-on.[8]:164-165

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  • The Greatest Men's Party on Earth: Inside the Bohemian Grove by John Van der Zee (1974) ISBN 0151369054. A straightforward look at the Grove by an undercover journalist posing as a waiter.


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