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Beyond Science should not be confused with Beyond Science (Before It's News) or Beyond Science (Epoch Times), though their content is indistinguishable.
Human SPEAKS With Mysterious ALIEN Species?!
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The host is endearing, but is severly gullible. I feel bad about seeing him here because he's sincere, but believes pretty much anything.
—/r/savedyouaclick user[1]

Beyond Logic Science is a YouTube channel run by Mike "Mikey" Chen[2][3] that promotes any pseudoscientific idea that can be boiled down to a clickbait title, a "mysterious" thumbnail, and flashy pictures.

As of June 2017, the main channel had over 1.7 million subscribers and 243 million views.[2] Chen also operates channels The CheNews, The Chen Dynasty, and Strictly Dumpling, which are much less bad.



Pseudoastronomy and pseudogeology[edit]

Ancient aliens[edit]

  • Aliens visited Earth and left behind their pocket change.[11]
  • Aliens visited Earth and posed for paintings.[12]
  • Aliens visited Earth and screwed with our biology.[12]
  • Aliens visited Earth and left behind the Aluminum Wedge of Aiud,[13] which is oddly reminiscent of a digger claw tooth



  • Advanced human civilizations existed hundreds of millions of years ago[20]
  • An asteroid killed a highly advanced civilization 13,000 years ago[21]
  • A nuclear war occurred 4,000 years ago.[22]
  • Nostradamus had "Prophecies for 2017"[23]
  • King Tut's dagger is from space[24] (read: made from a meteorite)
  • Pre-Columbian contact: Egyptian city & Buddha statue found in Grand Canyon.[25]
  • The CIA covered up UFOs and aliens.[19]

Alternative medicine[edit]


Political views[edit]

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  1. which has been debunked — the comments show how Chen's fans react to evidence: Debunk Therapy 3: Mike Chen's Hollow Earth (Beyond Science)


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