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This America vs. That America[edit]

When I was a kid, I had an idea of what America was. I liked that idea. Ignorace truly is bliss. But, I'm a rational and intelligent human being and ignorance is abhorant to me. Still, I miss That America. Fictional though it may be, I miss it. After Iowa tonight, though, I have new hope that That America can overcome This America. --Edgerunner76 22:24, 3 January 2008 (EST)


Don't muslims believe in god as well, and so inserting god into his speaches has no bearing what so ever. I think Muslims are ...(static)... — Unsigned, by: Alien / talk / contribs

Yeah, but they call it "Allah". Pretty consistently. humanUser talk:Human 22:28, 12 January 2008 (EST)
Allah is simply the Arabic word for "The Lord." Arabic speaking Christians and Jews refer to God as Allah as well. Muslims believe in the God of Abraham. Stile4aly 00:24, 13 January 2008 (EST)
I know that to us outsiders, they all praze the saim Lawd, but a Muslim would always say "Allah" in English, right? Or... OMGZDZ!!1112121!!2eleventyseven!!!!11!1 Obama is a mole sent to tear the USA asunder!!!! humanUser talk:Human 01:04, 13 January 2008 (EST)


artikl needz prity pikchur. humanUser talk:Human 03:06, 9 February 2008 (EST)


I made a Mii of Barack Obama. Just thought I'd throw that out there. ɧєɭıסş-get sunburn! 03:44, 12 February 2008 (EST)

You made a... what-now? Damn kids and their incomprehensible <grumbles>... --AKjeldsenGodspeed! 04:27, 12 February 2008 (EST)
I made a Mii on Wii that looks like Barack because Ii think Hii is awseome. Ii support him over Hillarii but Ii think anyone would bii better than Huckabii. ɧєɭıסş-get sunburn! 22:51, 12 February 2008 (EST)
Shouldn't the first person singular me spelled "iI"? (I tried to add that to, but the whore is as bad as mediawiki when it comes to initcaps) humanUser talk:Human 00:28, 13 February 2008 (EST)

IV pathos[edit]

Okay so it is looking like Obama is going to be the nominee and as such I will be working to support him over McCain. But I am having a hard time embracing this guy. Obama is for "change","hope", and "unity"........okay but what does that mean? I listen to his speeches and the only thing I can use to describe them is IV pathos. I am all about rhetoric and feel that pathos certainly has its place in any debate, but for a future president you expect a lot more. Is there more to this guy then the ability to create a nearly religious "movement"? I don't want to feel like I have to plug my nose and choke back the kool-aid before I see what is so great....any Obama supporters out there want to convince me? tmtoulouse frustrate 17:30, 24 February 2008 (EST)

He's my third choice (after K & E). I think that if anyone can create a (religious?) "movement" in the Democratic party, that's a good thing - movement conservatism, after all, is what has torn this country down for almost 30 years. He makes people feel like something might actually get better and change - meaning that, maybe, the rest of the Dems will feel some pressure to "get in line" for a bit and work with the "movement" rather than run around like chickens with their heads cut off (like they did after the '06 election tidal wave). By the way, how close is he to a clinch? There's a lot of anti-Obama floating around now that he is pulling ahead, that's for sure. humanUser talk:Human 18:52, 24 February 2008 (EST)
I understand that is what he does...but what does it mean pathos only goes so far......we will no come March 4th for sure but if polls hold up he wins. tmtoulouse frustrate 20:47, 24 February 2008 (EST)
His speeches run more towards inspirational, I think. No bore, good draw. The "details" are probably at his web site - Kennedy King The Second Coming Obama08 dot com, or some such. humanUser talk:Human 21:11, 24 February 2008 (EST)
It means that he has the same positions as Hillary, but will bring more Change. No, I don't know either. -All Hail Tuna 05:02, 21 April 2008 (EDT)

Another defender[edit]

More deletions: by Broken1201, a "new editor". — Unsigned, by: SusanG / talk / contribs 16:52, 27 February 2008 (UTC)