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Tides Center

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The Tides Center is a liberal advocacy organization in the US, founded by Drummond Pike in 1976.

Contrary to what some crackpots assert,[1] the organization is in no way connected to George Soros.[2] However, this apparently escaped Byron Williams, who was arrested in 2010 for an attempted terrorist attack on the California Tides Foundation and ACLU offices.[3][4] He cited Glenn Beck as his inspiration, and claimed that he thought the Tides Center was owned by George Soros (who was plotting a Commie Revolution or something, we're guessing).

It seems that the Tides Foundation came to Beck's attention thanks to a 2007 viral video called The Story of StuffWikipedia, which was also published in book form in 2009. The video and book explain how the United States:

  • has about five percent of the world's population, but uses about 25 percent of its resources;
  • exploits the people and natural resources of other nations to maintain this level of consumption; and
  • will not lower its level of consumption until it becomes unprofitable to do otherwise.

The video Itself[edit]