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Tim Eyman (1965–) is a conservative (or libertarian[1]) U.S. political activist from Washington State who is mostly crazy.


He has put initiatives out from 1998-2010; 17 initiatives to be exact, and 1 referendum, concerning small government, lower taxes, the usual. Oh, and he once showed up to the state capital dressed as Darth Vader. At times, he has good ideas such as cutting Washington's formerly onerous license plate renewal fee to a flat $30. Other times he's considered the most divisive political figure in the state, and demonized for using the ballot initiative process as a way of repeatedly proposing legislation without himself having to stand for election. He pointedly refuses to run for public office, despite being one of the state's most effective de facto legislators.


  1. Hard to tell which. Most of his initiatives involve tax or spending cutting, but he sponsored one conservative-but-not-libertarian initiative to remove sexual orientation from the protected classes under state law, and one libertarian-but-not-conservative initiative to legalize scratch ticket gambling.