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Hello. I'm Tom. My website is I study philosophy, and prattle on about it a lot. I'm a big fan of the real world and of epistemic responsibility. It leads to having fancy computers and working medicine and stuff. The most appropriate response to stupidity is large amounts of laughter. You can very occasionally find me at London/Westminster Skeptics in the Pub. Again, I'm the one prattling on about philosophy in the corner.

I'm a former libertarian. Yeah. I grew up and developed a brain. And decided that, while government isn't the greatest thing in the world, I quite like being able to go to the doctor when I'm ill. You have to be pretty damn deluded to think that something like the NHS that we have in Britain isn't a damn sight better than profiteering insurance companies that take vast amounts of money from you, then refuse to cover you when you are actually ill. Or poor or unemployed or have a pre-existing condition.

I mostly hang around here to write about stupid crazy people in the wider world rather than specifically in the wacky world of Conservapedia. Some people call that "post-Conservapedia", but I do take fun in watching the silliness at Conservapedia even if I don't participate.

Articles I've started[edit]