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Plugged-In Online

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Plugged-In Online is a pop culture review site operated by Focus on the Family covering movies, music, TV shows and video games from the perspective of an evangelical "think of the children!" prude. Think Capalert without the dodgy clip art and dubious attempts at quantifying every naughty word.

What is quite interesting about Plugged In is the sheer variability of the reviews. Some reviewers will actually manage to understand and show some basic grasp of the meaning of the works they are reviewing, while others will just list out the number of swear words and other bits of naughtiness. The usual fallacy of believing that everything depicted or described in a movie or song is an endorsement of that practice crops up a lot.


Harry Potter[edit]

From Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix review:

Rowling has stated that she believes in God and that accusations of Harry Potter books leading kids into sorcery are rubbish. (Though evidence suggests a heightened interest in the subject among children.) How sad that such an imaginative, gifted writer lacks the spiritual insight to give Harry, Luna and a legion of Potter fans the simple, illuminating truth about death—and life—found in Scripture.

Absolutely. As Ayn Rand and C.S. Lewis prove: what literature needs more of is opinionated religious—or political in Rand's case—propaganda.

God's Not Dead[edit]

From God's Not Dead (Yes, Really) review:

Pretty much everyone who's not a Christian in this story is villainized for being mean, abusive, grouchy or narrow-minded. Several such sinners are condemned to either death or terminal illness, as if they're being punished for their attitudes.

This is ironic because most fundamentalist Christian organizations are always demonizing non-Christians.

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