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To submit an official comment, please fill out Form 2X-54Q, using a regulation #5 e-pencil, making sure to check all boxes. Then, fill out Form 99-H4M to order an official stampbook, and attach one (1) stamp to a 1974 Kyrgyzstani government standard issue envelope, and fill out Form 818-QAX to summon an official courier. Place Form 2X-54Q in the envelope, seal it with gelatinised giant squid ink, and deliver to the courier, who will be waiting at your state capitol building. Your form will then entered into an official lottery, where it has a 1 in 279,461,090,552 chance of being drawn. Listen to Radio Vogsphere for word of whether your form has been selected. If it has, please wait fifty to seventy business days for word of if your comment has been chosen to be replied to.

Remember, any sort of bureaucratic irregularity will result in your comment being summarily rejected.— Unsigned, by: Nuclear Pasta / talk / contribs


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