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Greetings, Passerby, and welcome to that bastardly meringue of the internets, RationalWiki! Thank you for joining us, and I hope you enjoy your time here. If you have any questions, drop a line on my talk page or maybe read our newcomer's guide. Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 16:16, 5 January 2009 (EST)

Block war[edit]

Don't worry if you're blocked; it's just something we do. Wisest wisest Phantom! 16:51, 22 March 2009 (EDT)

I'll try not to take it personally. *Goes into corner to cry*--Passerby25 17:03, 22 March 2009 (EDT)
This is the biggest one I've ever seen though... Try to ride it out. Wisest wisest Phantom! 17:04, 22 March 2009 (EDT)

Craving attention?[edit]

You'se been sysopped. see here ToastToastand marmite 05:36, 30 March 2009 (EDT)

Now you are a sysop, you could but the sysop pledge template on your page instead of leaving red links everywhere. Just saying. - User \scriptstyle(6\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}n^{-2})^{1/2} 06:05, 30 March 2009 (EDT)
Oh, um, thanks. And I will add some stuff to my page eventually. --Passerby25 15:54, 30 March 2009 (EDT)