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Necker cube.svg Tired of laughing? RationalWiki has a slightly more serious article about Idaho.
The home of amateur falconry?

Idaho is allegedly a state in the Union of North American States That Aren't Canada or Mexico. It is shaped vaguely like a frying pan that is shaped perfectly for cooking individual pork chops. Idaho is the part of Utah that extends north to touch the border of Canada, sort of like Canada's butt plug.

Idaho is a US state, and is the birthplace of Sarah Palin. Ruby Ridge is here too.


[edit] Principal exports

Idahoans grow potatoes, and sell them to potato lovers everywhere except Maine.

It also grows lots of lentils, for all you hippie types.

[edit] Embarrassing Idahoans

  • Its most famous citizen has a "wide stance" and likes to pick things up off the floor. Or something. Yikes. Not even Jerry Falwell could let this go. Still, he says he was "innocent" and "not gay". Isn't that good enough?
  • Sarah Palin
  • Helen Chenoweth, former three-term Congresscritter, possibly the only black helicopter believer ever elected to Congress.

[edit] Motto

The motto of the state of Idaho is Esto perpetua, a Latin phrase that translates to the English as "Where the fuck is that?"

[edit] Enemy combatants

The Idaho panhandle is apparently occupied by the French, who have named the towns such things as "Coeur d'Alene". Somebody please alert the Department of Homeland Security to this fact, so they can make sure to fix this problem so that in the future only freedom fries, and not "French fries", will be made from Idaho potatoes.

[edit] Even more embarrassment

The state's reputation was also set back 50 years by a certain whimsical bit of silliness known as Napoleon Dynamite that inexplicably garnered a cult following.

[edit] Still one thing keeps them going

They aren't Texas. This is something every Idahoan can be proud of.

[edit] Another kind of Idaho

IDAHO is the acronym for the gay rights event, International Day Against Homophobia, celebrated on May 17th.

[edit] And another kind of Idaho

Gus Van Sant's film, My Own Private Idaho is about two male street hustlers, who are also not gay (just like Idaho's most famous citizen).

[edit] Politics

Idaho is now one of the most stridently red states there is, having not supported a Democratic presidential candidate since Lyndon B. Johnson's landslide in 1964. However, Democrats held Idaho's governorship from 1971 to 1995, a pretty impressive record that even many blue states don't have. Slowly, an uprising of intelligent people (who, as logic dictates, must be DemocratsDo You Believe That?) is slowly changing the political landscape, mainly in the ski resort towns of Blaine County and in the college town of Moscow, though Boise has been trending more purple by the day. Traditionally, the northern panhandle was the Democratic stronghold of the state, especially its mining towns, but this ended about the time conservative retirees (and a few white supremacist groups) moved into the area in sizable numbers, while the Democratic Party's embrace of environmentalism drove a rift between them and working-class miners and loggers. The heavily Mormon southeastern part of the state has traditionally been a Republican stronghold, and remains so. A far cry from when the state was represented in the Senate by Frank Church, one of the most liberal senators of the mid-20th century and perhaps best remembered for giving his name to the Church CommittteeWikipedia's W.svg which tore the CIA (as well as the FBI and NSA) a new one.

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