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Red state

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Then there was the whole 'Redneck' comment, and I'm sensing that you took that negatively. But let's break down that word. Redneck. First word: red! Color of power, fire, passion! Second word: neck! ...neck... I can't think of nuthin' for neck right now, but without that you still got 'red' and that's something to be proud of.
—Will Smith, Wild Wild West (1999)

Red state is a pop culture term for a state within the United States of America that has shown support for more conservative (Republican). In most other countries, it means "liberal", as it did in America until 2000 (largely due to the graphics NBC used on the night of a legendarily controversial and delayed 2000 election). Curiously, if global warming were to continue to its ultimate end, many of the so-called U.S. red states will be blue one way or another.

Red states function at more of a feudal level where a small landed class holds power over a large renter class:

  • Rural areas benefit from low taxes, since the benefits of public infrastructure are rarely-seen.
  • A lack of employment opportunities ties the fate of the disadvantaged to the success of the owners (factories, farms, etc).
  • Old wealth has been established in these communities for generations, further skewing the discourse.

Red State is also the name of a Kevin Smith film based on a fictional fundamentalist Christian church obsessed with guns and killing sinners.

Irony alert[edit]

Red is the color of Communism, a movement abhorred by conservatives. Go figure.

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