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The hair and moustache says it all.
A lunatic Chaplin imitator
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First as tragedy
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I am Brian Ruhe, and I lead a double life. I teach Buddhism and meditation in Vancouver, Canada and I am also a political activist resisting globalist Jewish power. I believe this is the single biggest problem in the world today for everybody, including Buddhist traditions.
—Summary to Ruhe's video, Gay Pride Parade a Tool of International Jews[1]

Brian Ruhe is a Canadian lay-Buddhist teacher, author, a much more devout conspiracy theorist, and an all-around creepy guy.[2]

Ruhe has been teaching Buddhist meditation since 1997. However, his teaching agreement contract was not renewed at British Columbia's Capilano University when his Holocaust denial and interest in historical revisionism were discovered by his students. He of course states that ' I was Fired!'.[3] Ruhe has a self-proclaimed interest in "World War II revisionist history", which is really just code for Holocaust denial. Some have also labeled him an "Adolf Hitler admirer",[4] which isn't far from the truth at all.[5] He has made numerous videos on YouTube detailing his delusions, which include a Nazi heaven in Buddhist cosmology,[6] UFOs and aliens,[7] ghosts and psychic woo,[8] and an international Jewish conspiracy.[9] He frequently claims that all he is doing is mixing Buddhism with his "geopolitical views" as he speaks prominently about himself in third-person. Ruhe has recently begun showing up at LGBTQ and anti-Trump rallies, alone and dressed like Dr. Mengele. Once confronted he tends to ask 'Hows my hair?' and then lift his arm in a Nazi salute. All the while an undercover Asian associate films the events from afar.

In his early days, Ruhe was a Theravada BuddhistWikipedia monk in Thailand. He claims he left the monastic life, although some have suggested he may have been expelled due to his views, as he was only ordained for a year. He has since given lectures on Buddhism at colleges and on the Internet, however, he may not be a very reliable source of information, as he believes Mahayana BuddhismWikipedia was created by a demon.[10]

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