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Brother Stair

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Ralph Gordon Stair (born around 1932-1933[1]) better known as Brother Stair, is a nutty radio preacher who leases airtime on many AM stations and on shortwave. He runs a commune of followers in South Carolina where he allegedly has a great deal of control over them, including not letting any of them have sex without his permission.

Brother Stair believes in: King James Only, speaking in tongues, young Earth creationism, Jesus-only baptism, New World Order conspiracy theories, rejection of modern technology/medicine (except for, obviously, radio and the inter-tubes) and living in an isolated agrarian community like the Amish, rejection of the celebration of holidays like Christmas and Easter, men having to wear beards and women having to keep their hair in buns, etc. You get the idea. If it's on the lunatic fringe of Christianity, Stair believes it.

Stair claims to be the "Last-Day Prophet of God" (or sometimes, the "seventh" such prophet, with William Branham being the sixth). He spends much of his radio broadcasts denouncing just about every other Christian minister as a false prophet. He claims to have prophesied Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 back in the 1980s, and also did prophesy that Ronald Reagan would be removed from office and nuclear attacks would wipe out many U.S. cities by 1988, the latter two of which didn't happen. Oops… so much for the "Last-Day Prophet of God."

Stair's ministry is noted for buying large blocks of airtime on US-based shortwave radio stations.[2] The joke in the shortwave listing community is that Stair is unintentionally keeping many of these stations, and shortwave radio in general, active and profitable.

Stair was arrested in 2002 and pleaded guilty in 2004 to charges of misdemeanor assault and battery (fondling two underage members of his commune), but after serving 77 days[3] returned to preaching as if nothing had happened. In 2007, a jury found him liable for over $700,000 in damages in a civil suit brought by former followers.[4]

His website Overcomer Ministry records 116 peak listeners.[5] The site is poorly formatted and contains a large amount of end times statements such as "This is the Last generation, and the Last time!"

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