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The Independent Group for Change[1] (formerly Change UK, Change UK-The Independent Group[2] and before that just The Independent Group, variously abbreviated CUKs/ChUKs/TIG/TIGGERs) was a centrist British political party that, at its peak, was made up of 11 former Labour and Conservative Members of Parliament, later falling to 5 MPs and then to no MPs. Their leader is former Conservative Member of Parliament Anna Soubry, who replaced former interim leader Heidi Allen in June, 2019, when the latter left the party.[3][4] On 19 December, 2019, the party announced it was formally being dissolved in a letter posted to their website, following all 11 MPs losing their parliament seats in the 2019 General Election.[5]

The build up[edit]

The main player (and former Shadow Business Secretary for Ed Miliband) [6] Chuka Umunna threatened to leave the Labour Party, it was unclear if he was actually serious or if these were just empty threats.[7]


Reactions to these rumors weren't very positive:

  • Momentum reacted.[8]
  • So did Margaret Beckett.[9]
  • So did petitions website, hence the clusterfuck of name changes.[1]

Splits abound[edit]

Divisions in Labour over antisemitism, foreign policy and Brexit got to be too much, leading MPs to resign and form the new Independent Group.[10] The roles they had in the group will be put next to them. [11]

Labour members[edit]

  • Mike Gapes (Military and Foreign Affairs)
  • Luciana Berger (Health, Home Affairs and Technology)
  • Ann Coffey (Education)
  • Funny tinged Angela Smith (Transport, so yes she is the female version of Chris Grayling)
  • Chris Leslie (Treasury and Trade)
  • Chuka Umunna (Spokesperson)
  • Gavin Shuker (Convener)
  • Joan Ryan (Business)[12]

Good start then[edit]

They were described as a 21st century equivalent of 1980s Labour breakaway group The SDP (The Social Democratic Party).[13] Although in fairness to The SDP they didn't come out the gate saying racist shit on live TV, which Angela Smith blamed on "tiredness" (oh boo hoo). [14] [15] Keep in mind that Mike Gapes left Labour because of racism. [16]

More join[edit]

Tories also defected too, bringing the total number to 11. [17]

Conservative members[edit]

  • Sarah Wollaston (Recruiter)
  • Heidi Allen (Interim Leader)
  • And finally Anna Soubry (Brexit Person)


Where the Group stands[edit]

To change our broken politics, we need a different culture. The Independent Group aims to reach across outdated divides and tackle Britain’s problems together.
—The Independent Group[18]

They claim to be ideologically neutral and "pursue policies that are evidence-based". Their statement is less of an outline of their political aims and more of list of nice sounding statements with options for you to "agree" at the side like it's Gotoquiz or Buzzfeed.[19]

These nice sounding statements include:

Ours is a great country of which people are rightly proud.
—The Independent Group
Our free media, the rule of law, and our open, tolerant and respectful democratic society should be cherished and renewed.
—The Independent Group

These are just worthless platitudes instead of defined policy goals.


Basically Labour wanted MPs who left parties to stand in by-elections (basically mini-general elections).[20] Labour even held a rally in Anna Soubry's constituency of Broxtowe as a form of legal intimidation.[21]

Look at that hypocrisy[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Hypocrisy
We believe that our parliamentary democracy in which our elected representatives deliberate, decide and provide leadership, held accountable by their whole electorate is the best system of representing the views of the British people.
—The Independent Group[19]

So despite saying that, they're not going to stand for a by elections because they know they will lose, which every single one of them did.[22]

Too many centrist parties?[edit]

Pre-2019 General Election polling had The Lib Dems doing pretty poor compared to The Independent Group. [23] As you may have noticed if you combine the two together they're equal or beating Labour. Which lead to calls for them to merge. [24] This turned out be a fools' errand as even MPs which later defected to the Liberal Democrats lost all their seats.

In the news[edit]

Lost privileges[edit]

Mike Gapes and non-Independent Group defector Ian Austin were booted from the Foreign Affairs committee in major a blow to the group's influence. [25]

Bad blood[edit]

Jeremy Corbyn apparently walked out of cross-party Brexit meetings with Theresa May because Chuka Umunna was there, in what has been called 'juvenile' by the British media.[26] Jeremy said that this decision was due to 'confusion'. [27] It has been speculated that this move was less 'juvenile' and more of an attempt to starve TIG of any attention in an attempt to make them insignificant.[28]

Anna Soubry's fucky wucky[edit]

The Independent Group decided to become a political party on the 29th of March 2019. [29] Anna Soubry referred to their new party name as "", the actual are now pursuing legal charges. [30]

It is said that imitation is a form of flattery. But the movement that we have built in the UK to win campaigns for ordinary people is ours – all 17 million of us. We are seeking guidance on the proposed use of our brand name by those reported to be setting up a new political party.

Twisting the knife[edit]

Cameronite and ex-Tory Nick Boles resigned the whip after his attempts at cross party compromise in the Brexit indicative votes failed. [31] Here comes Anna Soubry telling Nick how great he is and how there's "always a place for him" in The Independent Group. [32] All of the TIGGERs voted against his proposal which caused him to resign in the first place, the proposal would have won otherwise. No shame. [33]


In June 2019, 6 of its 11 MPs left the party, blaming its terrible performance in the May 2019 European elections, at which the Liberal Democrats captured the pro-European Union vote with 20% of the total votes cast, while Change UK scored 3%. Those quitting included leader Heidi Allen, with ex-Conservative Anna Soubry taking over command of the sinking ship. The departing members are believed likely to join the Lib Dems.[4]

EU Elections and the 2019 General Election[edit]

Change UK barely have more influence than other dead parties like UKIP after only getting 17,000 more votes than them nationally in the 2019 EU Elections. [34] To make them even more pathetic they managed to lose every single one of their MPs in the 2019 General Election. [35] Basically the political party has lost all of its influence and is dead.

The End[edit]

On the 19th of December 2019 Change UK disbanded permanently after its hilariously bad election results. [36][5]

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