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Chris Ray Gun

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Chris Maldonado (1993–), more famously known by the moniker Chris Ray Gun, is a YouTube personality, known for his semi-frequent discussion of political topics.

Political views[edit]

Maldonado's views can aptly be summed up as mainly liberal[1] yet socially conservative. On one hand, he has advocated for fiscally liberal causes such as universal healthcare and free schooling. However, he appears to lean center/right in some regards, such as critiquing these as being economically nonviable. He has also been critical of the idea that there is a gender pay gap,[2] and left-wing examples of reverse racism. He is critical of religion.

This centrist approach to politics appears to transfer to his opinions of people involved within politics; he has appeared on The Rubin Report to discuss with classical liberal/centrist Dave Rubin,[3] but he appears to be critical of conservatives such as Ben Shapiro[4] and Candace Owens[5] and is ambivalent towards Jordan Peterson.[6]

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