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Candace Owens speaking at the 2018 CPAC in National Harbor, Maryland.
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You can feel free to call me an Uncle Tom. It does not affect me. You know why? Because I actually read the book - Uncle Tom was the hero.
—Candace Owens

Candace Owens is a nutty alt-right commentator and rising star of the young conservative movement. She is the founder of Red Pill Black on YouTube and also serves as Turning Point USA's "director of urban engagement", whatever the hell that means. As of April 2018, she is also Kanye West's new best friend.[1]


Owens hails from Stamford, Connecticut and was a victim of racism in high school.[2] She attended college at the University of Rhode Island, graduating with a B.A. in journalism. She later went to work for Vogue magazine.

Girl meets internet, internet eats girl

In 2016, she attempted to start up a website called in a naive attempt to try to expose cyber-bullies and stop their activities by doxing them.[3] This led to her being contacted by anti-harassment activist and recurring GamerGate target Zoe Quinn. Quinn tried to warn Owens what kind of internet shitstorm she was stepping into. And then, things began to go quickly downhill. The digital lynch mob that is GamerGate, sensing fresh meat and eager to destroy a potential threat, descended upon Owens in a storm of hate mail, that due to her inexperience with internet jargon, Owens mistook for an attack from Quinn.[4] What followed was a series of surreal tweets from Owens to Quinn, in which Owens accused Quinn of participating in a massive conspiracy in an attempt to shut down the SocialAutopsy project.[5] This was followed by a scathing open letter from Randi Lee Harper, another professional activist, in which Harper was quick to point out many flaws in Owens' website design, anti-harassment experience, presentation, and technical skills,[6] leading to Harper getting caught up in the maelstrom as well.

Meanwhile GamerGate, deciding that Owens would make a better ally than enemy, pulled an abrupt one-eighty,[7] supporting her tweetstorm on Twitter, sending her links to pro-GamerGate websites, and even interviewing her.[8] All of this eventually led to Owens "taking the Red pill" and becoming a permanent fixture of the less reputable corners of the interwebs, from whence she continued to spew forth bizarre and increasingly ridiculous conspiracies, such as attacking the Washington Post for a story they never actually published, but that she was nonetheless sure would be an attempt to smear her.[9][10]

Who is she?

Candace Owens is your garden-variety online conservative wingnut, with one "major" exception: she's black, and just so happens to be a conservative (which she thinks makes her something special, like a lot of other black conservatives, even though black conservatives really aren't that uncommon.) Her primary platform seems to be that she has awakened to the "lies" of the Democratic Party and encourages other people to do what she did: "take the red pill" and become a conservative.[11]

She presents herself as a champion of free thinking (once saying, "I'm not far-right - I'm free.") fighting for the black community, but really, she's just a paranoid hypocrite who blames the Democrats for literally everything. Like every other conservative who pulls out the Dixiecrat fallacy every chance they get, Candace refuses to believe that the Democratic Party of today might just be different from the pre-Nixon Democratic Party and is convinced that they still have a "slave master" mentality that they use to oppress African-Americans in more subtle ways rather that overt slavery, such as the liberal media, the welfare state, public education, affirmative action, and liberal politics in general. According to Candace, the Republican Party is the great beacon of hope for the black community, and if more black people become Republicans, they will have "left the plantation" that is the Democratic Party.

However, in order for Candace's logic to actually make sense, one would have to ignore the significant impact of Richard Nixon's Southern strategy on both parties. Today's GOP (especially following the rise of Donald Trump) has practically turbo-charged the Southern strategy, making it more that apparent that most of the racists are operating as members of the right-wing.

Despite her claiming to be a champion for blacks everywhere, she dismisses racism against black people as no longer being a "real" problem (even though it still very much is), but rather just a manufactured one created by the mainstream media. This had lead her in conflict with Black Lives Matter, whom she has referred to as "whiny toddlers" who are "pretending to be oppressed for attention."[12] She's even gone after white people, once claiming that the only reason any white person would speak out against racial injustice is only doing so out of a sense of white guilt.[13]

She rarely uses actual facts to back up her outrageous claims and mostly just relies on a combination of pseudohistory, conspiracy theories, half-truths, loaded language, and appeals to emotion.

Candace's greatest hits

  • Her conflicts with Black Lives Matter haven't ended with the "whiny toddlers" comments. Candace goes after them on an almost daily basis.
  • She described the Women's March in Washington as a "joke."[14]
  • She has ties to InfoWars, having been personally interviewed by Alex Jones on several occasions. She also claims that InfoWars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson was responsible for "discovering" her on YouTube.[15]
  • She thinks black people should move on from slavery, while at the same time refusing to shut up about Democrats being responsible for slavery.
  • She thinks everyone protected by DACA should be "sent home".[16]
  • She thinks white supremacy is a myth created by the media. What makes this one especially horrible was that this was her response to the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017.[16]
  • She thinks black-on-black crime is a myth.
  • She thinks Donald Trump is the "savior" of the free world.[17]
  • She thinks Black PantherWikipedia's W.svg is a pro-Trump film.[17]
  • She thinks the welfare system and public education are "socialism" and for that reason they should be eradicated. However, she does not believe this to be the case with the fire department.[18] The Progressive Voice pointed out the complete stupidity of her tweet.[19]
  • She praised Louis Farrakhan for supporting Trump.[20]
  • She attacked Blaire White for her transgender identity.[21]
  • She thinks something bio-chemically happens to women who don’t marry and/or have children.[22]
  • She claimed that the black community does not stick together and thinks that black people are hateful, jealous, and envious.(21:35-21:53) Strangely enough, she does not apply this reasoning to herself.
  • Candace Owens said she doesn't trust Scientific American on climate change because their website address ends with dot com, but she would have trusted them more if they had a dot org address, which is a seal of quality in her view.[23] (Yes, this is the level of argument we're up against.)
  • She wants to lock up Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Loretta Lynch, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Jake Tapper, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, and Jim Acosta for no apparent reason.[24]
  • In an epic display of cognitive dissonance, Candace Owens has stated that everyone who doesn’t think like her is against the freedom to think differently.[25]
  • She claims to be against thought-policing,[26] but she has no problem with doing so herself.[27][28]
  • She attacked journalists for attacking Charlie Kirk for (falsely) attacking Candace’s parents and sisters for being alcoholics and on welfare, respectively.[29] Think about that for a moment.
  • She is against welfare because she has cousins who are on welfare, and they are her closest family members.[30] (It doesn’t make sense to us either.)
  • She turned down a million dollar contract in order to stay with Turning Point USA[31] because she is loyal to Charlie Kirk.[32] What was that thing Malcolm X said about the House Negro and the Field Negro?
  • She thinks that journalists are no different than school shooters.[33]
  • She thinks that some conservatives are "secret socialists."[34]
  • The above point is extremely ironic considering that The Progressive Voice has recently just pointed out that Candace Owens tried to use a Bernie Sanders talking point to support Donald Trump.[35]
  • She doesn't understand the difference between climate and weather.[36] She takes after her master.[37]
  • She thinks Ben Shapiro needs to learn from her.[38]
  • She says we shouldn't care about the environment.[39]
  • She says Charlie Kirk is the smartest person she knows. [40]
  • She thinks that Bill Clinton damaged the black community.[41] (Apparently having a 7.2 percent level of black unemployment is considered "damage.")[42]
  • She called Donald Trump Jr. a "Fifth avenue red neck."[43]
  • This one is just too stupid for words.
  • She thinks the #MeToo movement cheapens female survivors of rape.[44] (This probably has something to do with the fact that she is against welfare because some of her most beloved family members are on welfare.)
  • She claimed that “There’s no such thing as subtracted success. You can’t attack someone into your own relevancy. Build bridges, don’t dig moats.”[45] This is ironic because Candace Owens literally built her career on doxxing, attacking the left, labeling liberals and even a few “moderate” conservatives as “racist”, denying climate change, blaming victims of rape and sexual assault, comparing black liberals to slaves, having unnecessary fights with Ben Shapiro, insulting Chelsea Handler, blaming Obama for the racial divide in America, invalidating trans people, and supporting Trump’s wall.

Feud with Tomi Lahren

Recently she has engaged in a mini-feud with Tomi Lahren on Twitter (which is a bit ironic, since Candace is basically Tomi's black counterpart.) Tomi urged conservatives to not "hitch their wagon" to Kanye West in the aftermath of Kanye coming out in support of Donald Trump, expressing doubt that the rapper's "awakening" was genuine (which it may not be.)[46] Candace called out Tomi for this and accused her of being racist (which she kinda is…) Though Tomi attempted to back off by saying that she and Candace should "agree to disagree", Candace hasn't let it go.

Feud with Ben Shapiro

Recently she has engaged in a mini-feud with Ben Shapiro on Twitter. Ben told Kanye West not to appear on Infowars.[47] This resulted in Candace calling out Ben for telling Kanye what to do. (That’s her job.)[48] Ben later clarified that he was merely encouraging Kanye not to appear on Infowars because it would have been a "baaaad move." (He kinda has a point.) [49] In addition, Ben Shapiro slammed Trump for supporting Kim Kardashian.[50] Candace called out Ben for this, stating that Trump was helping Kim reform the prison system.[51] Ben stated that he was criticizing Trump for celebrity worship because he did the same for Obama.[52] Candace attacked him, stating that Kim was fighting for a just cause. (To be fair, she kinda does.) [53] Ben then told Candace that he was criticizing Trump, not Kim.[54] Candace then got angry that Ben was talking down to her, stating that he always tried to be right about things that didn't matter. (Which is pretty accurate.)[55] Ben decided that they would "agree to disagree."[56] Candace then DESTROYED Ben by saying it was okay for him to be wrong sometimes. (Although he’s wrong most of the time.) [57]

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