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In-depth analysis

Northwest is one of the relatively newer Conservapedia sysops, and is one of the few Conservapedians who hails from Canada[1] (a big liberal den). He joined CP on July 16, 2012, and according to logs, it can be inferred that he was given blocking rights on March 6, 2017.[2] He made his first block four days later and, like Karajou and 1990's guy, seems to greatly enjoy using the banhammer.[3] Northwest joins the list of Conservapedians who, like Karajou, Conservative and 1990'sguy, have blocking rights and some level of responsibility for the site but their username is not based on their real name.

Blocking policy[edit]

Northwest often blocks users for periods of time that are usually around 2-5 years, and a quick look at his block log indicate that virtually all of these blocks are because of the following reasons:

  • He didn't like the usernames of the blockees- that is, names that include "gay", "dog", or are just what Northwest regards as being "silly"; he appears to have no sense of humor. It is believed that the last time Northwest laughed was when his parents made funny noises in front of him when he was a 6-month-old baby.
  • Like his fellow admin Karajou, Northwest also thinks that any and all attempts to inject facts into Conservapedia are "liberal censorship".

13:26, February 23, 2018 Northwest (Talk | contribs) blocked Dr. Jimothy Jackson (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of 2 years (account creation disabled, autoblock disabled) (Sockpuppet/Abusing multiple accounts: Potential sockpuppet of TimothyJimothy)

Disdain for children using the Internet[edit]

Also, it's worth noting that Northwest really, really doesn't like it when he sees good, innocent Christian children using the internet[note 1]; this is what he says about it on his userpage- also, it's worth noting the paranoia of wandalism vandalism contained within:[4]

It's never a good idea for children to use the Internet without parental supervision, because when left to their own devices online, children with nothing better to do and who haven't been taught better by their parents will invariably get into mischief online (as the vandalism of, and occasional attempts to deny access to, Conservapedia by some of those children demonstrates).

Courtesy of conservative site Black & Blonde Media's YouTube channel, here's an example of what can happen when some such children take things one step further and decide to act the same way toward people face-to-face as they do online - especially if they go up against the wrong person with their childish behavior:

Beware: The Spawn of Millennials (Warning: contains foul language, so viewer beware)
~Northwest, on children accessing teh internets

Called out for his paranoia[edit]

In March 2017, another CP sysop, named JDano, noticed that one of Northwest's blocks for foul language was a bit too harsh even for them[note 2], and let Northie know on his talk page:

Dear Northwest, I changed your two-year block to 1 day for User:JohnZ. While I do not like profanity, I think that we should show a kind and understanding approach to users who have been around for years. Let's give him a second chance, and if he does it again, then we would be justified in coming down hard. This is a volunteer project, and CP wants to avoid a reputation of long-blocks-at-the-drop-of-a-hat. Thank you for your understanding.[5]

While we here at RationalWiki are supportive of JDano's efforts to avoid such a reputation, we cannot help but wonder if it's a little bit late.[note 3]


  1. Is it because they might learn too much and become atheists?
  2. 3 irony meters just broke!
  3. Ten years too late, in fact.