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Doctors for Disaster Preparedness

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Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (DDP)[1] is a somewhat curious denialist group associated with anti-environmental forms of denialism (including DDT ban myths, ozone depletion denial, global warming denial, and crank theories about radiation hormesis) and medical denialism (vaccine denial and HIV denial).

They are associated with Arthur B. Robinson's Oregon Institute for Science and Medicine, which distributes the Oregon Petition with its highly dubious claim to have identified 31,072 scientists who oppose the anthropogenic global warming consensus. DDP also seems to be another outlet for Robinson's brand of survivalism, being more concerned about the specter of nuclear war and duck and cover drills than actual problems or disasters. Their mission is, in theory, to refute "fake" threats and help prepare for "real" ones. Thus, the possibility of global thermonuclear warfareWikipedia, vaccines, environmentalists, and dirty hippiesbig threats to the existence of society. Global warming, ozone depletion, AIDS, etc.? Not so much. Their "educational resources" also include links to such trustworthy sites as Junk Science and the Heartland Institute.

Their address at 1601 N. Tucson Blvd. Suite 9, Tucson, Arizona is shared with that of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (and a pile of other charities), for whom Andrew Schlafly is general counsel. Andrew Schlafly was also a featured speaker at Doctors for Disaster Preparedness' July 2008 annual conference, where he spoke on "The Education of the World's Great Thinkers".[2] If you must, an mp3 of the speech is on

DDP also gives out an award called "The Petr Beckmann award for courage and achievement in defense of scientific truth and freedom." It has been awarded to such denialist luminaries as:

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