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Marc Morano (born 1968) is a wingnut propagandist and global warming denier (his fans call him a "climate realist"). He kicked off his career by learning the tricks of the trade as a producer on Rush Limbaugh's show in the early '90s. He then went on to work for L. Brent Bozell's Media Research Center.

In 2004, he was one of the first "reporters" to hype the John Kerry swiftboating "story." In 2006, preeminent denier and wingnut Jim Inhofe hired Morano to be his "Director of Communications." Morano's position got him into a number of climate conferences and policy hearings. He also put out a bogus report about 700+ number of scientists who "disagreed" with the consensus (a la Oregon Petition). Some scientists called for his resignation due to the number of distortions and lies about their work he promulgated. In 2009, Morano left Inhofe and became the proprietor of the website "Climate Depot." Climate Depot is sponsored by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, an Exxon funded think tank.[1] Supposedly, he exposes the "lies" of the "warmists" and "scientific McCarthy-ites" (oh the irony!) who do research in that inconvenient thing called science. The site is really more of a denialist-style Drudge Report that links to whatever nonsense it can find.

In 2010, Morano was given the "Petr Beckmann award" by Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. Apparently, he thinks this is something to be proud of.[2]

No, he is not Marc Maron.

Interview in Merchants of Doubt[edit]

Interviewed in the 2014 documentary Merchants of Doubt[3], he described his involvement with the climate change controversy and how he started Climate Depot.

We went after James HansenWikipedia and Michael OppenheimerWikipedia and had a lot of fun with it. ... We mocked and ridiculed James Hansen. I was authorized - I couldn't believe they let me do this - I did a two-part probably 10,000 words unbelievably scathing critique on James Hansen. ... Actually his scientific work isn't even in question, it's more of his public claims and publicity and interviews. I still felt restrained, so I started doing what I call the underground newsletters which went much further than anything else, had a lot more fun, a lot more humor, wit, sarcasm and sometimes nastiness. That went out and that became the basis for Climate Depot.[4]

Asked about the threatening emails that Ben SanterWikipedia claims to have received[5] after the publication of his email address, Morano explained why he doesn't see any problem.

I don't know what his complaint is. But I'll give you the philosophy behind it. This is one of my favorite topics, I got on ABC nightly news just because I posted emails. They did a whole segment. I think people should be thanking me, I was doing a service, and people [complaining about] "death threats", I get death threats, I enjoy them, I usually email back. So I think it was the healthiest thing that could have happened, one of the healthiest things that could have happened to the climate debate. I make no apologies for it, I still do it and I enjoy doing it.[6]

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