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Environmental Protection Agency

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The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, is an executive department in the United States charged with protecting the environment and overseeing human health issues as they relate to the environment. A child of the social upheaveal that was the late 1960's, the EPA was signed into law by that noted commie and tree-loving hippy liberal, Richard Nixon, in December of 1970.

Although the EPA does not create laws, they are involved in the process, by writing policy and enforcing both the policy and the larger laws that are written by the United States Congress.

Some of the efforts the EPA has been involved in include:

The Thin Green Line[edit]

I want to replace, not reform EPA, because EPA is made up of self-selected bureaucrats who are anti-American jobs, anti-American business, anti-state government, anti-local control, and I don’t think you can reeducate them.
Newt Gingrich[2]

The EPA has come under increased scrutiny from Republican administrations,[3] particularly in bad economic times when companies can point to regulation and say "yo, get rid of these and we'll make more jobs." They even blame the EPA for nearly all forms of pollution.[4] Almost every GOP candidate for President since Romney has pledged to reign in or kill the EPA. It probably will not survive another Republican term.

Most conservatives accept that air pollution is an actual thing, they just believe it is the onus of big business to regulate itself. (Which is why they never lobby for looser restrictions or cheat during inspections.) The other tendency for small-government types is to claim these problems would be solved by expanding property rights, so as to fill the private courts with these types of cases, as though the threat of litigation alone is a deterrent. (Nevermind the Exxon Valdez civil case only took 19 years to finally reach a settlement.)

You see, in libertarian Crazy Town, the solution to polluted air and oceans and rivers is simple: Sell off the air and the oceans and the rivers to the highest bidder. Then the owners will protect it, or something.[5]

We haven't quite figured out how you keep birds from flying, or fish from swimming, or build sky/ocean fences to keep "your" fish and "your" birds in "your" ocean and "your" land"... Actually, we're not sure they've figured out how to keep water/air from flowing, either. It's almost as if "property" is a man-made concept which makes no sense when applied to states of matter.

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