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Elaine Morgan (1920–2013) was a Welsh writer, and the chief proponent of the aquatic ape hypothesis.

Her critics have accused her of having used "sloppy and unscientific writing techniques" and maintain that she was guilty of quote mining[1]. She has been described as being more of a popularizer of ideas than a real scientist. Regardless, she was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters by Glamorgan University in December 2006[2].


Morgan wrote six books, four of them on the aquatic ape theory:

  • The Aquatic Ape, 1982, Stein & Day Pub
  • The Scars of Evolution, 1990, Souvenir Press
  • The Descent of the Child, 1995, Oxford University Press
  • The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis, 1997, Souvenir Press
  • Falling Apart: The Rise and Decline of Urban Civilisation, 1976, Souvenir Press Ltd.
  • Pinker's List, 2005, Eildon Press