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Hindu genocide is a grand genocide conspiracy contrived by the Hindu far-right that alleges Hindu khatre me hain ("Hindus are in danger")- not from the groups that exploit them through paranoia for political benefit, but rather the Muslims, Christians, communists, and the Westerners who are allegedly wanting to “destroy India” because of their jealousy of Indian culture.

Hindu nationalists live in this make-believe world where all the communists, liberals, Christians, Muslims, and Westerners of the world live in harmony. All, except for themselves, of course. This aggressive victimisation complex creates a framing to systematically downplay and justify Hindu nationalist crimes such as hate speech and hate crimes under the pretence of self-defence and garner popular support among the Hindus who are the majority religious group in India. If this sounds at least a tad bit familiar, it is because it has very little differences from white genocide theories, ironic for people claiming to hate Western influences.

Everything is jihad![edit]

See the main article on this topic: Jonanism

Under the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Overton window has shifted so far to the right that the media is able to be openly bigoted.

Jihad chart.png
Jihad chart on national TV.png
"Types of Jihad" chart.[1] The same chart on national TV.[note 1][2]

The chart is only scraping the surface of every word that can be used along with the word jihad.

Love jihad[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Love jihad

Population jihad[edit]

Fertility rates of Muslims have fallen the most. India's own National Family Health Survey tells a similar story; as of NFHS-2019-2022, Muslim fertility rate is now down to 2.36[3]

Population jihad is when Muslims breed more children than Hindus in order to achieve an Islamic India.

The myth tries to imply a major demographic change in the future by pointing towards the higher fertility rate of Muslims as compared to Hindus: 2.6 births per woman compared to the Hindus’ 2.1 (as per 2015 India's NFHS).Wikipedia[4] But this ignores the sheer difference in the size of population between the two communities. In 1951, there were 269 million more Hindus than Muslims;[5] that gap increased to 800 million by 2011.[6] Among all religious groups, Muslims have seen the greatest decline in fertility rates, from 4.4 to 2.6.[4]

At the 2011 consensus fertility rates (when the fertility difference between Hindus and Muslims was even higher), Muslims will overtake Hindus in 2220, making India's population 4.5 times the current global population. An absurd scenario.

Even without considering the decline in fertility rates (contrary to Hindutva claims, the fertility rate among Muslims in India has dropped by nearly half between 1993 and 2020),[7] according to the 2011 consensus' growth rates, Muslims with a growth rate of 2.2% are expected to catch up with Hindus with a growth rate of only 1.4% by 2220… in around 200 years.[8]

If this still doesn't convince you to not start killing Muslims or practice eugenics,[note 2] even if the fertility rates of Muslims and Hindus were not to converge and remain the same throughout those 200 years, by the time Muslims overtake Hindus, the population of India would be 3,264 crore (32.64 billion). For comparison, the 2022 population of India is 138 crore (1.38 billion) and the entire population of the world is 790 crore (7.90 billion); meaning that India's population would have to be more than four times the world population by then.[8] Clearly an impossible scenario.

After taking into account the rapidly converging fertility rates, the Muslim share in the population is estimated to stabilize at 18.4%;[9] far from the doomsday scenarios demanding Nazi eugenics and ethnic cleansing.

Jihadi nexus/Muslim appeasement[edit]

If Muslims were indeed “united”, one would suppose they would be well, or even over-represented in the parliament.

However, in the 1980 election, almost 10% of those elected were Muslim; in 2014, it dropped to less than 4%.[10] This is despite making up 14% of the population.

Now the entire parliament is overwhelmingly Hindu, and yet Hindus are still believed to be in khatre.

Excluding Kashmir, one of only two Muslim-majority territories in India (the other being Lakshadweep), there has not been a single Muslim chief minister who has completed a full term since independence. Now, even the Jammu and Kashmir assembly has been completely dissolved after the abrogation of article 370.

Muslims aren't the only marginalised community in India, that is true. But those other communities, such as Dalits and Adivasis, have been given reservations in many areas, while Muslims have not. Muslims and Christians have been excluded from the Scheduled Castes list, even though they also have caste divisions. Other minorities such as Buddhists and Sikhs have been included in the list.[11]

Economic jihad[edit]

Dharavi, Mumbai, believed to be the world's biggest slum, has a 40% Muslim population, despite Mumbai only having only 19% Muslims.
See the main article on this topic: Halal

There is no Muslim domination in any market.

Muslims are among the worst-off social groups in India, having one of the lowest standard of living.[12] One in four beggars in India is a Muslim.[13]

Karnataka has banned non-Hindus from doing businesses in and around Hindu temples.[14]


Despite Muslims being generally economically worse off than Hindus in India, some Hindu nationalists have advocated boycotting some of the poorest business owners in India, Muslim street vendors.[15] There have also been calls for Hindu boycotts of Muslim mehndi artists,[16] despite mehndi being a long-standing wedding tradition among Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs.

Land jihad[edit]

Land jihad is the conspiracy theory that Muslims buy land from Hindus to make major areas Muslim dominated.

While Hindus are continuously selling properties… Muslims are buying them… their culture, thoughts and way of life are different from ours. It starts with one house and slowly, the whole area will become Muslim-dominated. We cannot allow this to happen
—Deepak Sharma, the general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), the youth wing of BJP[17]

The concern is completely absurd given that Muslims own less land than any other social group, except for some other minorities.[17] Many of the examples of cities with high Muslim populations are not moves dictated by a secret jihadi nexus of Chrislamocommies, but rather due to social ostracisation and ghettoisation of Muslims by Hindus themselves.[18]

In five years, I have stopped 25 such Hindu-Muslim property transactions in many areas. [...] On Sunday, local volunteers told me about an agitation in Chahashor mohalla and I reached there before the police. We made sure that the Muslim man did not take possession of the house. We also assured the owner [Rastogi] that we would help him find a Hindu buyer if he gave us some time.
—Deepak Sharma, secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (youth wing of the BJP)[17]

Education jihad[edit]

Most Muslims do not study in madrasas.

Media jihad[edit]

Akin to the western conservatives’ concept of liberal bias, the Indian alt-right also has its fair share of a similar persecution complex.

Being a youth in this country is like walking in a minefield. You never know which step will lead to a leftist/liberal propaganda explosion.

Walking towards the theatre? Boom! You come out feeling less Hindu and more liberal.
Walking towards a literary fest? Boom! You come out knowing less of actual history and more of colonized history.
Walking towards a comic show? You come out hating your Prime Minister and Nation and loving the secular minorities.
Walking towards your University? You come out feeling less respectful towards our soldiers and in love with the urban naxals/azaadi gang.

Walking towards...Well...l can never run out of examples on this one.
—Actual excerpt from an OpIndiaWikipedia article blog post about the "subtle brainwashing" done by "leftist" gamers[19]

Discrimination in other countries[edit]

"I care about minorities suddenly."

Hindu hate crimes are one of the least prevalent in the USA; in 2020, there were 12 incidents against Hindus, compared to the 3886 against blacks, 134 against Muslims, and 72 against Sikhs. Moreover, religious hate crimes have actually decreased in the USA from 2019.[20][21] Hindu-Americans have the highest socioeconomic levels compared to any other religious groups in the US; furthermore, Indian-American Hindus tend to be more affluent than other (non-Hindu) Asian Americans.[22][23] Of all the largest Asian-American religious groups, Hindus have the highest retention rate of keeping their religion; fully 81% of Asian Americans who were raised Hindu remain Hindu today.[22]

Hindus living in the West are not a discriminated minority; they don’t face any social or institutional threat to carry out their religious activities as some other minorities do. Nor are they the victim of any "Romeo Squads" or "Conversion Mafias".

Many Hindu nationalists were barred from professorship not because they were Hindus, but because they spread nationalist pseudohistory.

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