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Unfastened Coins is a parody of Loose Change and 9/11 conspiracy theories in general by American humorist Maddox a 100% true, logical and irrefutable video and website created in 2007, exposing the RMS Titanic conspiracy orchestrated by the government (read: Jews) by offering a handful of convincing arguments and undeniable evidence. It has undergone a horde of revisions, all for the sake of clarity and finalization.

Arguments proving the Titanic disaster was a government conspiracy[edit]

  • Metal is stronger than ice. The ship couldn't have been sunk by an iceberg. A small scale experiment was done, proving this. Never mind the substandard rivets that were used on much of the hull.
  • As of the time the video and site were created, there were only two survivors left, both of which it claimed were babies and too young to remember what happened. Therefore, gummintdidit!
  • No videos exist of the Titanic sinking.
  • Abraham Lincoln dies the exact same day the Titanic sinks, except 47 years prior! The Titanic had the capacity to carry 3,547 passengers aboard! They both have 47.
  • Two ambiguous graphs prove the involvement of the International Jewish Conspiracy. Or something.
  • If you remove the first three letters from "Titanic" and add the letters C, O, S, P, R and Y, you get the word "conspiracy".
Coincidence? You decide.

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