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When you've been here a while & created zillions of articles you'll probably want to brag on your user page. Just use the following:


createdby = your username here

namespace = See note below


(Your username should be exactly as you first typed it in on registration: CAPS; lowercase; spaces , if any; & punctuation, if any.)
The namespace, if left blank will show all mainspace articles. To refer to e.g. template space simply type: "Template" (no quotes) in the appropriate place.

You can omit the "namespace" line but you will then have every page you've ever created including talk pages (as well as every liquidthreads comment you've ever made) listed. This can be a little "over the top".

You can put more than one namespace in the list by using the pipe ("|") to separate them. For example, "namespace=Conservapedia|Debate|Essay|Fun|RationalWiki|Recipe" would give all those namespaces. A "blank" will give the Main space ("namespace=|Conservapedia" gives the Main space and Conservapedia).

If you follow the above you will find that the pages are listed in alphabetic order, to list in creation date insert the line "ordermethod = firstedit".

For examples see a listing page.

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