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In compatible browsers, an edit toolbar can be automatically displayed with the edit box, provided that this has been set in the preferences. It appears automatically for editors who are not logged in. This functions partly as a typing aid and partly as a reminder of the available functions. All the functions are available simply by typing the code directly into the edit box (such as [[link]]) - this may be easier.

The toolbar works with Internet Explorer, the Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey, Firefox, Konqueror, Safari, and Opera.

For example: Example of edit toolbar To turn a piece of text into an internal link, select it and press the third button.

In Mozilla browsers and IE, you can format existing text by highlighting the text you want to format and clicking the relevant button on the toolbar. If you click a button without selecting any text, sample text will be inserted at the cursor's position (like so: Bold text). In other browsers, clicking on the button presents an explanation for that feature. (Pre-release 9.0 versions of Opera browser also seem to support the advanced functionality.)

Wikitext is the markdown language that our articles are written in, here's a cheatsheet on how to use wikitext.Wikipedia


This wiki's main markdown editor is mw:Extension:WikiEditor.

Overview of functions[edit]

Icon Function What it shows when editing What it shows on the page Help
Bold capital letter "B". Bold or strong emphasis '''abc''' abc
Italic capital letter "I". Italic or emphasis ''abc'' abc
Icon of a chain. Insert link [[Help|Internal link]] or [ External link] Internal link or External link
A photo of a sunset with a single leafless tree. Insert file [[File:Goat.jpg|40x40px|thumb|It's a goat!]]
It's a goat!
A open book. Insert reference <ref>Cite your reference here.</ref> [1] Help:References

Advanced options[edit]

Click > Advanced for more options on quick insertion of wikitext.

> Special Characters has a list of Unicode characters that you can click to insert. Fun symbols ♥♣♦♠. You can add characters from different languages as well — תודה!

> Help has some quick tips on writing wikitext.

Icon Function What it shows when editing What it shows on the page Help
A dropdown that says "Heading" Adding headings ====Example====


Icon of a list with bullet points. Insert unordered list * Bulleted list item
  • Bulleted list item
Icon of a numbered list. Insert numbered list # Numbered list item
  1. Numbered list item
A serif capital "W" covered with a red no symbol. Delete formatting <nowiki>Insert '''non-formatted text''' here</nowiki> Insert '''non-formatted text''' here
A arrow pointing downs than turning left Inserts a new line a<br />bc a
A capital "A" with a small plus sign in the top left corner. Makes text big <big>Big text</big> Big text
A small minus sign in the top left corner with a big capital "A" in the middle. Makes text smaller. <small>Small text</small> Small text
A tiny up arrow with a big capital "A". Makes text superscript goat<sup>Superscript text</sup> goatSuperscript text
A little down arrow with a big capital "A". Makes text subscript goat<sub>Subscript text</sub> goatSubscript text
A pile of photos. Insert a gallery <gallery> goat.jpg|It's a goat. cheese.jpg|Some cheese! </gallery> Setting up a "Gallery"
Paper with an arrow on it. Insert redirect #REDIRECT [[Target page name]] Go to Fun:Recursion to see an example of a redirect in action. Help:Redirects
It's a data table. Inserts a table {| class="wikitable" |- | Example |- | Example |}

Old editor[edit]

All of the toolbar options, and further editing options, are available in Bananeweizen's Firefox extension.

List of functions[edit]

Icon Function What it shows when editing What it shows on the page
Bold text Bold or strong emphasis '''abc''' abc
Italic text Italic or emphasis ''abc'' abc
Internal link Internal link [[User:Human]] User:Human
External link External link [,2394,Lying-for-Jesus,Richard-Dawkins] [1]
Level 2 headline Section heading == abc ==


Embedded image Insert image [[Image:stilton.jpg]] Stilton.jpg
Media file link Insert media [[Media:abc.ogg]] Media:abc.ogg
(No media file on here yet)
Mathematical formula (LaTeX) Mathematical formula
(Not functional as of August 2020)
<math>\frac{20}{21} sinx + \frac{11}{42} tanx - \frac{3}{14} arctanx </math>
Ignore wiki formatting Ignore wiki formatting <nowiki>abc '''[[Bold text]]'''</nowiki> abc '''[[Bold text]]'''
Your signature with timestamp Sign talk comments (with time stamp) --~~~~
Horizontal line Horizontal line ----
Button goat.png Smiley list [[File:Shakinghead.gif]] Shakinghead.gif


  1. Cite your reference here.